I had a lot anxieties about how Squish would react to having a sister which is documented here…. but I am delighted to say he has handled it so so well…. and this picture just makes my heart melt

Shnuggle cosy baby bath (review)

Bath-time can be one of the most relaxing or stressful times when you’ve got a tiny newborn baby to cope with. Thankfully the people at Shnuggle sent us the Cosy Baby Bath to pop our little E in for a quick paddle. First dip in the Shnuggle bath! The Shnuggle bath is made from soft(…)

Scribbies Trainers (review)

With Squish being 4-years old he naturally goes through trainers at a rate of 1 pair per week – and that’s a good week when he’s not even stood up. I seriously don’t know what he does with his feet, but his trainers get punished. So, imagine our relief when we were sent out a(…)

Animate Your Life – Week 1

Yes, that’s right….  ANOTHER linky! But, I’m hoping this might be something different for everyone to get involved with? I’ve been meaning to start this for over a year, worried that no one would join in *violins begin* but I thought, sod it… let’s try it and see what happens. Now, if you read my(…)

Scooby Doo! The Musical ‘Mystery of the pyramid’

Scooby Doo has been on TV longer than I can remember, even before I was a little one. I think it’s a testament to how good the show is that the almost-exact same formula has worked and entertained kids for almost 50 years. It’s always “old man Creacher”, the gang will always split up, and(…)

4 weeks in (a word from the hubby)

I had so many nice comments about hubby’s last blog about the birth that I decided to let him blog again. Definitely nothing to do with the fact I have like ZERO time at the moment… nope. Just so long as he remembers who’s blog it is … and that he votes for me to(…)

Hive Active Heating Review

Not long ago I posted about how ‘hive’ active heating was saving on bed-time bickering between myself and Yawnofthedad . Well, we’ve been living with Hive installed for a couple of months now and I can confirm that some bickering has been stopped. It’s only really now that baby number 2 arrived, that Hive has(…)

Breastfeeding by numbers

We are all in agreement that for some (myself very much included) breastfeeding is not easy. When I wrote about my breastfeeding difficulties with Squish I spoke more about the pain and how it got too much to break through, particularly when I didn’t have the right support/knowledge regarding latching etc. This time I thought(…)

12 days of Eleanor

So today marks Eleanor’s 12th day out of my tummy… it feels like she has always been here… I never imagined having such a strong bond as I do now with her… even at 3am when I’m on my 3rd feed in a row, I am just in awe of her. I realise I have(…)

She’s here!!

Well… you may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet on here recently and you’ve probably guessed why!! On Monday 17th March at 9.43am we welcomed into the world our beautiful daughter Eleanor Crook. What can I say?… she is just utterly perfect and we are head over heels in love with her! I will(…)

10 things to do whilst waiting for baby to arrive…

I’m not even overdue yet (due date tomorrow!!) and already bored/going insane. After my examination yesterday it seems that I am in for a wait… although baby’s head is down, she is not quite fully engaged and nothing has *ahem* softened yet. So, I thought I would put together a bit of a useless list(…)

39 weeks pregnant

So here I am…. 3 days short of my due date.  And how do I feel?… bloody awful! But wait, it’s not because I am as big as a house… it’s because mother nature has gifted me with a late pregnancy cold on the sunniest week of the year so far. I guess I should(…)

Silver Cross Wayfarer – Review

Silver Cross is one of those brands that have such a fantastic history and have been around for so long that you just know you can trust the quality of their products. My mum, my mum’s mum and possibly even the generation before have used Silver Cross’s products so it’s only right I carry on this family(…)

Goodbye bump…

All waddling jokes aside, I’ve had quite a love affair with my ever-rounding belly through this pregnancy and it saddens me that it could come to an end at any moment. Obviously I realise I have a very exciting time ahead of me but these last few days/weeks/hours give much reason for reflection. I’ve been(…)

38 weeks pregnant

I gone done it again and missed a week so as always, here is my sad face gif by way of an apology… So, what have you missed? Midwife appointments are becoming a bit of a running joke now to be honest. I lower my expectations every time so I don’t get stressed about anything.(…)

Reasons to vote for me in the MAD Blog Awards

Sheesh…. I think this is the most difficult post I’ve ever had to write….but let’s give it a go… What are the MAD blog Awards? The ‘MADs’ are the mum and dad blog awards ran in association with parentdish.co.uk and involves 15 different categories,  loads of bloggers and a shed load of votes. The nomination(…)

Have you had your #freethejoy moment? (sponsored)

Okay, I hold my hands up… being a chocoholic and pregnant is a very dangerous combination and I admittedly have probably had one too many #freethejoy moments these past 8 months but truth is, without chocolate and music I’m not sure how I’d have gotten through… regardless of the indigestion which follows. Not sure what(…)

36 weeks pregnant

This week has been my 36th week of having a little life growing in my tummy… although, she’s not so little anymore and the wait is starting to feel more like a a short countdown. I’m trying to get my frame of mind right which is hard when I am naturally scatty… my mind flicks(…)

Envie de Fraises: my new favourite maternity brand

Maternity clothes: possibly the hardest type of clothes to shop for. I’ve had quite a few maternity bits and bobs during this pregnancy and some have been a major disappointment. I’ve endured the following: – Holes developing after just a few washes (debatable whether I have hulked out of said items) – Maternity jeans digging(…)

What a girl wants, What a girl needs

Today, Miss Crook’s furniture arrived so naturally my social media has been flooded with pictures of the tiny baby clothes I’ve been folding away. As adorable as they all are, I have a very serious problem… one which I definitely did not have with Squish. Let’s just break this down now… she’s going to probably(…)

Introducing the Cosatto ooba (Review)

As you probably all know, last week I received a very exciting delivery. Okay, not as exciting as my baby’s arrival (which has yet to happen)… but close! I am lucky enough to be trying out the brand new Cosatto ooba. Although I don’t have my little bundle to really put it through it’s paces(…)

An open letter to my post-pregnant self…

During the the first month of having a new baby, I am all too aware of how easy it is to lose perspective and feel like your world is spinning in a different direction to everyone else. So, I thought it might be good therapy to write an open letter to myself while I still(…)

35 weeks pregnant

Okay, I missed 34 weeks so I am moulding them together. Must. Try. Harder. It’s been another drama this past week or so with my pregnancy… another battle with the care I’ve been receiving… or lack there of. On Thursday I turned up for my midwife appointment and discovered that I had a stand in(…)

The Neighbour’s Chef in Oldham (Review)

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to the brand new Neighbour’s Chef restaurant in Oldham. Now, your first question would most likely be ‘what kind of food do they serve?’ and the short answer is ‘everything!’. Well, not literally everything but what I am trying to say is that they have something(…)

Mini Gardeners (sponsored)

So, Squish has been at school for just over 5 months now (has it really been that long?!), and there’s one thing that I really love about his nursery class: their eagerness to show the kids nature and gardening. Not long ago his school won an award for how well they maintain and grow their(…)

Husbands during pregnancy

So I was sat up late last night typing away, catching up on a bit of blogging when I hear a voice: “GET TO BED.” There he was, my virtual ipad husband hovering above the door in an attempt to ply me away from my laptop. It’s something he’s often trying to do and I(…)

Tiffany Rose Maternity Wear review

Who are Tiffany Rose? Established in 2003, Tiffany Rose create elegant maternity dresses inspired by the 50′s and 60′s for special occasions. Each dress is created using very high quality materials, sourced from all over the world but are proudly manufactured here in Britain. Being a celeb favourite and having been named as a winner of(…)

33 weeks pregnant

33 weeks are now coming to an end and I’m extremely happy to see the back of it. I’ve not had a great week health-wise and am currently blogging from my sick bed. It all started last week at my midwife appointment. If you’ve been following my weekly updates, you’ll know that I have been(…)

Introducing the NEW Silver Cross Reflex…

This week Silver Cross unveiled a new stroller/travel system; the ‘Reflex’. I for one was very intrigued after reading the opening paragraph of their press release: With this stroller, I think Silver Cross really wanted to offer parents something that gives them the flexibility of travel systems but in a more lightweight and stroller-like design.(…)

32 weeks pregnant

Wahooooo… I’m coming to the end of my 32nd week. It feels like only an hour ago when I was writing up my 31st week post which is a bit scary really! So what have I been up to? Apart from suffering from some major baby brain (which requires it’s very own special post), not(…)

Beers of Europe Chimay Review

BEER??? PREGNANT LADY??? Don’t worry, no pregnant women were harmed in the reviewing of these goods… mainly because the husband took the lead with this one… I am a good wifey! So the lovely people at Beers of Europe gave us the choice of any of their fine crates of beers, ciders, and wines for(…)

A few tips for keeping your home “baby safe”…

It seems strange to talk about keeping the home ‘baby safe’ now after having had a few years with the only real danger being how fast they choose to run or dismount the sofa (often more likened to an inexperienced gymnast). Saying that though, we still haven’t removed the baby gates from Squish’s bedroom door…(…)

31 weeks pregnant

This week brought my 31st week of being up the duff *shudder* …I hate that saying “up the duff” sounds like someone punched a baby into you! What have I struggled with this week? Most things really… putting on tights is a fun task as is anything that involves needing to bend forward. To be(…)

What happens when they’re no longer an only child?

A question that has been haunting me these past few months which I can no longer subside. Squish is my everything, my little boy and for over 4 years he has been the centre of our universe. Everything we do revolves around him and for now I am able to give him all of my(…)

Hive – Ending bedtime bickering

Now, let me make this crystal clear, Hive have nothing to do with bees (to my knowledge)… they have actually created a very snazzy new gizmo. Hive connects you remotely to your heating and hot water enabling you to take control via your phone, laptop or tablet so wherever you are, as long as you have(…)

Checklist for when your child starts school

Starting school can be a difficult and stressful time for parents and kids alike – along with all the anticipation and excitement of starting a brand new part of your life, it can also be fraught with potential mistakes. Take the stress factor out of starting school with this checklist to help you make sure(…)

Immink Organic Childrenswear

Immink are a Norfolk based brand specialising in organic, long-lasting and comfortable childrenswear. Every part of their products have been specially thought out to make them as home grown and eco friendly as possible using 100% cotton material built to withstand being passed through generations. I absolutely love the idea of having clothing that has(…)

WAUWAA – a new parenting site

A while ago I was introduced to Wauwaa.com (pronounced Waa-Waa) by the lovely people at Bump PR (of course!). Wauwaa are a brand spanking new parenting website ran by parents who work hard not only to deliver comprehensive parenting advice but also to bring you whopping great bargains. ADVICE Let’s talk a bit about the(…)

30 weeks pregnant

Hello, it’s been a while since I posted an update hasn’t it? Bad danni! Although, it has been going SO SO quickly and I cannot believe I have hit the 30 weeks mark. The last few weeks have been difficult, I won’t lie. Christmas was hectic and physically straining and with Squish turning 4 just(…)

TK Maxx Bargains

So I have spent up in the sales but I somehow still find myself browsing clearances with upwards of 5 carts open at a time only to watch the contents dwindle away!! It’s heart-breaking. In a bid to make myself feel better I am sharing some of the bargains I have spotted over on one(…)

Gum Care During Pregnancy #OralBLoveYourGums

We all know that good dental care is essential at every point in your life but more so during pregnancy, in particular when it comes to your gums. One thing I really wanted to do better during this second pregnancy was take better care of my teeth and gums so when Tots100 contacted me about(…)

Squish tried out the Furby Boom!

So a couple of weeks ago we welcomed our new little arrival…no I haven’t popped 15 weeks early, our ‘Furby Boom!’ arrived! We wrapped him up in an effort to soften the blow that squish had just found out he’s getting a little sister, not a brother. It seemed to work. I have to admit,(…)

Win a £20 Mama Jewels voucher

I know I use the word ‘lovely’ a lot but Mama Jewel’s products really are just that… and much more. Award winning, and ever so clever, Mama Jewels design beautiful jewellery suitable for mums to wear when they are handling small “grabby” children. I was one of those mums who stopped wearing jewellery when Squish(…)

Cloth nappies?? Are you mad?!

When I had Squish back in 2009 I never gave cloth nappies a second thought. Cloth nappies I feel come with really negative connotations of almost digressing to the days when looking after babies was deemed a lot more hard work. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing stories from older generations of how their(…)

Win your very own Scootaheadz in the #xmasblogtrail

I am delighted to be hosting this fantastic Scootaheadz competition as part of the Bump PR’s #xmasblogtrail.  The idea is that you work your way through the #xmasblogtrail competitions (blogs listed at the bottom of this post) giving yourself lots of chances to win some goodies. Scootaheadz are cool little figures that you can pop(…)

Cosatto’s #Patterntastic Spring/Summer 2014 Range

If you’ve ever met me before you’ll know that I love to wear bright colours and ‘snazzy’ patterns… quite frankly it cheers me up on otherwise boring grey British days! I wanted the same for my little bambino but I just could not find any baby products that were really out there with their designs…(…)

24 weeks pregnant

Definitely didn’t miss a week… nope, not me! What’s that? You can’t see it…? Erm.. Anyway, this week marks 24 weeks of pregnancy and I am really exhausted. I came down with a cold at 23 weeks and am still catching up on sleep and general life which was put on hold for those few(…)

Sponsored Video: Nestlé Fitness presents the Tweeting Bra

1. How often do you check your emails? 2. How often do you log onto Twitter? 3. Now… how often do you examine your breasts? If you’re anything like me (a self-confessed social media addict) then your answers to questions 1 and 2  are likely to be much higher than question 3. Not to worry(…)

A relaxing time on Mummy & Little Me’s Pregnancy Retreat

Earlier this month I received an invite to the launch of Mummy & Little Me’s retreat. On reading just how fabulous it sounded on their website, I took great pleasure in swiftly snatching their hands off. If you or someone you know is pregnant, you might want to read on because this retreat is something(…)

Things I am miss now I’m pregnant…

1. Sitting down comfortably… Being a small person, I have child-like sitting habits with my most comfortable seated position being curled up into a ball. However it seems that my fidgeting days are temporarily numbered and only the “normal” feet on the floor position will do due to the giant (loveable) ball on my lap.(…)

22 weeks pregnant

Ooooooh yes! This week I turned 22 weeks and have been feeling internally beaten up, although I cannot solely blame my little belly tenant. Lurgy has unfortunately descended upon the household and has left me running on about 10% … so as you can imagine, I’ve had a fairly unproductive week. If it wasn’t for(…)

Breastfeeding is not easy

I remember back in 2009 going to all the antenatal classes… breathing techniques, staring at dummy vagina’s and sitting in a room full of pregnant women doing pelvic floor exercises. It was all very informative and in majority quite useful however one very important topic was skated over…. breastfeeding. I always knew I wanted to(…)

Decor for a shared children’s bedroom

This week I have started looking into plans for the nursery. Although on paper our house is 3 bedroom, one of those is downstairs and is now more of an office/playroom/guest bedroom. Squish has a fairly large room, so the plan had always been to (once the the time is right) move them into Squish’s(…)

20 weeks pregnant

This is slightly late (I’m actually 21 weeks pregnant…. shhhhhh) but let’s just live the lie for 5 minutes because I need continuity. This week I finally saw the end of *touch wood* nausea… or the edge has at least been taken off. I know I am a moany old toad and I should be(…)

The Snail and the Whale (Review)

“A heartwarming, touching tale of how a story can take you around the world without ever leaving your room.” We were very lucky to nab 3 tickets to an afternoon showing of ‘The snail and the whale’ at Salford’s Lowry theatre. We’ve seen one or two children’s plays here in the past year and this(…)

Bravo, Bravado! (Review)

Recently the lovely people at Bravado Designs sent me some goodies to keep my ever-inflating pregnancy boobs comfortably supported. Having gone through one pregnancy already I knew that finding a bra that fits properly whilst feeling comfortable can be a bit of a mare…  not only this, but last time I couldn’t help but feel(…)

Beyond Floatation Spa Review

Last week I was invited along to Beyond Floatation Spa in Wilmslow. “Floatation? What is that?”… is exactly what I asked when I heard about it. Well, Floatation is basically a sensory deprivation spa experience where you float weightlessly in a tank of special Epsom salt water without light or sound. That’s the very basics but you(…)

WIN an organic blanket from Dot&Co

I am so excited to be hosting my first baby-related competition and it couldn’t be with a better brand. Dot&Co specialise in organic babywear, only using high quality materials and organic cottons to ensure optimal comfort whilst remaining kind to the environment. (pssssst, did you know they are also certified by the Soil Association?) Not only(…)

19 weeks pregnant – Girl or Boy?

Yesterday I had my anomaly scan; a day we’ve been anticipating  for many reasons. Obviously we wanted to check that everything was okay with the baby first and foremost but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t desperate to find out the sex. Questions needed to be answered… what do we buy? what do(…)

10 reasons to love Ikea (spons)

We’ve been trying (very trying) to sort out our house recently and make it a bit more presentable and baby-ready. We all know that come March next year I will be lying in a heap of unwashed clothes, dirty nappies and have bags the size of small coal mines. I tend to feel better when(…)

Rug Doctor Review

A while ago we were sent a rug doctor to try out and last week we actually got around to using it. Oh yes, it was me vs our purple sofas. Now, I love my purple sofas. I remember when I got them… they arrived shortly after we moved in. Although, I was expecting them(…)