iCandy Emilia changing bag royal blue

iCandy Emilia changing bag

I was recently sent the beautiful new Emilia changing bag from iCandy to review from their eagerly awaited new collection. The Emelia is their special edition bag; inspired by actress Emelia Fox and exclusively designed for the Lullaby Trust charity, £10 from each purchase goes towards supporting bereaved families and help to promote expert advice on
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Living with colic

Living with colic

For those who don’t know, we had some major issues with Ellie in the first few months. It seemed that once one problem was correctly diagnosed (which took its time as well!), another one cropped up in its place. Nothing exemplified this more than when Ellie had her tongue tie, which we finally got treated
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Where did 4 years go-

Where did 4 years go? #PowerOfSoft

A few weeks ago, Squish embarked on his first “proper” year of school (he did attend nursery at the same place). One the first day returning to school, it’s at the door/gate where you drop them off you start to think to yourself “where the hell did the last 4 years go?” Four years, that’s
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Joie Trillo Car seat review

Joie Trillo Car seat

So it seems our little Squish boy isn’t so little any more. We couldn’t put it off any longer – he needed a bigger car seat. Our initial idea was to get a simple booster cushion but having spoken to a few other parents we were quickly advised of the additional safety features high-back booster seats offer.
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The Cosatto 3Sixti High Chair

Cosatto 3sixti High chair review

Weaning is slowly beginning in our household (god help us all!) so we have been becoming friends with our newly assembled Cosatto 3sixti high chair. Want to know what we think of it so far? Well, wait no more…. In terms of assembly I’ll keep this short and sweet – it’s easy peasy to, so there’ll
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