Wrap, pack, send, repeat.

Wrap, pack, send, repeat

Christmas time. A time for giving, good will to all men (and women of course), festivities, merriment…and a whole lot of sweating when it comes to wrapping everything – especially when we’ve left it all until Christmas Eve. Well not this year, Christmas! *shakes fist at where the Christmas tree will eventually go*. No, this
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A monkey’s for life, not just for

A monkey’s for life, not just for Christmas…

Obviously I’m not talking about an actual monkey, but instead our not-so little Squish. Over the last year we’ve been increasingly pestered about the dreaded “P” word. That’s right “Pets”. With both sets of Grandparents having cats (lots!) and dogs, it was only a matter of time before he started to ask why we don’t
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Like father like son

A while ago we were approached by House of Fraser to take part in a project they were running called ‘Inspired by Dad’. The first thing that came to mind was – what a GREAT opportunity to get some pictures of my boys! It’s not often we get nice photos of these two dossin’ about
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winter's snow joke

Winter’s snow joke

First off, let me apologise for what might be the worse pun in the history of puns. Even worse than the one that follows this paragraph. It was literally the only thing I could think of at the time to write as a title about a winter blog post. Now that we’ve all recovered from
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The meaningof weaning

The meaning of weaning

Ah yes, weaning. Those precious months where you end up with more food on the floor than in your fridge, freezer, and cupboards collectively. The time where Yawnofthedad physically itches because his OCD tendencies won’t allow him to let the mess remain on the floor for more than a couple of minutes. It’s even worse
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Citadines Apart'hotel South Kensington review

Citadines Apart’hotel review

Belated Belated, I know. But yes, back in September I attended the MAD blog awards down in busy ol’ Landan tarn (sorry, it’s my bleak attempt at a written London accent…. be thankful you’re not getting the vocal version!). Anyway, as the Mads is a notoriously drunken affair and that I admittedly live way too
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