brb… here are some pictures of animals wearing sunglasses

These past few weeks I have been busy…. VERY busy. Marriage, pregnancy and getting to grips with driving have been just snippets of what I’ve been up to but I hope to write full updates on these very soon. Stressed is not the word… I’ve been concentrating so much time on our shotgun wedding that work fell behind so I have been playing catch up for the past 2 weeks (and counting). Someone should have warned me that planning a wedding in the space of 6 weeks is not easy!! (yes, I am that naive)

So until I have caught up on work I’m afraid my blog suffers. But, it’s okay because I have something extra special to keep you entertained while I get my life in order. I have taken it upon myself to bring together some of the best animals wearing stylish sunglasses that the internet has to offer.

You can thank me later.

 *Please note that this post contains a sponsored link, however that all content is my own*

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