Goodbye Bump

Goodbye bump…

All waddling jokes aside, I’ve had quite a love affair with my ever-rounding belly through this pregnancy and it saddens me that it could come to an end at any moment. Obviously I realise I have a very exciting time ahead of me but these last few days/weeks/hours give much reason for reflection.

I’ve been a moany so and so. Moaned about my care, about my early sickness, my indigestion and my hormones (just to name a few) but the truth is I find comfort in the life that grows inside of me and there’s a bond. I can’t remember what it feels like not have her bobbling around inside my belly and I can’t imagine placing my hand down on an empty torso.

I’ve snapped away week upon week, watching her grow wondering what position she’s in, spending many special moments with my husband waiting patiently for her snake across my belly. From those first few bubbles to the now thumps you give me to make yourself known, be in no doubt that I take none of it for granted.

Pregnancy, albeit a roller-coaster of emotions is such an amazing wonderful thing. If it were easy peasy, would we hold it so dear? Not only a trial for the body, it tests emotions and relationships but isn’t it just the most amazing reward at the end of it all to hold that little life in your hands?

In that split moment nothing else really matters.

…and it clicks …it all falls into place…

You made her. She is finally here.

So, I am preparing myself. Preparing to say goodbye to my beautiful bump and waiting for that overwhelming ‘click’ moment. The moment bump is no longer a bump, but the daughter we have so longingly awaited.

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  1. I really missed my bumps after they were gone, although I wouldn’t be pregnant again if you paid me. It’s such a special time.

  2. I loved being pregnant, I was sad about it when I got near the end, knowing my bump wa going. I never felt fat, only delightfully shaped and beautiful, it was great to have a baby in my tummy. I’ll not do it again by choice though now – I think 5 is probably enough :D
    Best of luck with the birth – I hope it goes as well as mine have x

  3. Rosie

    Aww this is lovely Danni! What an exciting time xxxxx

  4. You look fabulous at 39 weeks my lovely. Anytime your bundle of joy could come. How exciting. I missed my bump so much both times. I wish I had been blogging back then to share it all. I would love to be pregnant again. I think it’s amazing. Good luck!! #sharefriday

  5. Blimey that is one massive bump! I’m not surprised you will miss it but I’m looking forward to all the exciting posts to follow.

    ps – I love your bird / tree wall mural


  6. I really liked this post! I remember feeling the same towards the end of my pregnancies – but then by the time 42 weeks rolled around I was BEYOND ready be done ;)

  7. Lovely post! I think you’re very brave posting a pic of your bump hun! I couldn’t! xx Can’t wait to meet Miss Crook xx

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