Red Nose Day and their #GoodWork

Everyone knows who Comic Relief are. Everyone knows that every year Red Nose Day comes along and they/you raise silly amounts of money in steps to tackle poverty and social injustice. Everyone knows that their work is vital and that for those affected, life changing and above all LIFE SAVING.

This year marks their 25th year of Red Nose Day and as part of their campaign they have approached the blogging community for help to spread the word of the #GoodWork that they have achieved over this time. (Although in my opinion the hashtag should be changed to #FanbloodytasticWork… but , twitter characters are at a limit and all that so understandable.) Ever since I started blogging, which has been less than 6 months, I have been completely overwhelmed with the sense of community there is within the blogging circles and I am now (more than ever) aware of just how powerful the written word can be. It brings people together, makes an impact, a combined voice, gets messages that needs to be heard heard.

With this in mind, 3 absolutely brilliant bloggers (who I consider friends too) were invited to Ghana to document just some of Red Nose Day’s #GoodWork, celebrating progress right in the heart of where it all makes a difference. On the 4th & 5th Feb,  Annie from Mammasaurus, Tanya from Mummy Barrow and Penny from Alexander Residence will be in Ghana and will embark on what is sure to be a very emotional journey. They are on a very tight schedule which you can see here, and inbetween visits (probably during too knowing these lightning sharp bloggers) they will be live blogging. Did I mention they will also be joined by Davina McCall and Jonathan Woss?..Sheeesh. BUT WAIT. We cannot just leave them to it now can we!? Let’s help them out and spread the word…

****Here’s how to be a part of  #TeamHonk****

1.SHARE SHARE SHARE. Look up anything on the #GoodWork hashtag and Retweet, Engage with or even use it to share your own words of support! We want a heeeeeeeeuge reach for this, let’s get it trending.

2. If you’re a blogger you can request a digital postcard (a picture to us normies) to share on your blog by simply emailing

3.Show your support by displaying the #GoodWork badge on your blog which you can find here.

4. Follow Comic Relief via any of the following modes of digital transport: Twitter // Facebook  // Pinterest // 25 years of Red Nose Day // Instagram feed

5. Finally Britmums are hosting a #goodwork Twitter party on Tues 5 Feb at 11am so we would love you to take a seat and join in spreading the #GoodWork

So, to summerise, run absolute ragged the hashtag #GoodWork and join #TeamHonk.

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