Stokke Flexi Bath

Stokke Flexi Bath review

Ah, Stokke you are spoiling me with these beautiful baby products. It wasn’t that long ago I wrote my review of their MyCarrier Cool which I’m still having a bit of a love affair with. This time we have a baby bath, but not your ordinary baby bath.. this one is foldable!!

You may have read that we also own the wonderful Shnuggle baby bath which I loved for it’s ability to fit in the sink and soft/lightweight material. However, now Eleanor is (finally) growing I think she will soon be hulking out of her Shnuggle as it’s built to suit the diddy bambino’s.

In comes the bigger, foldable baby bathtub – the Stokke Flexi Bath.

The flexi bath is just that – flexible… it’s innovative rubber seals means you can fold it up, pop the latch and store it away quite easily without it taking up loads of space. This feature makes it ideal for travelling or just for those who don’t have much space in the house… probably due to the millions of baby items you find you’ve hoarded since having babies *raises hand*. Not only that but it’s a great tub to get out in the summer for the eldest to use if they enjoy water play activities – chuck a few cups and jugs in there and he’s having a great time. If you’re going away to places which may only have showers (usually the swanky hotels with those huge walk in ones) then this would be perfect to take with you – just flat-pack it into your suitcase and jobs a good’n..

Stokke Flexi Bath

Now, Eleanor isn’t sitting up yet so we use the additional newborn insert which I would totally recommend. As you can see, I wasn’t needing to hold her up (although as always I would never ever recommend leaving them unattended). She looks really comfortable and loved all that extra leg space to stretch and splash about… although by then end of it I felt like I’d also had a bath! I love the fact that when she does start sitting up I can just remove the newborn insert revealing plenty of space for a toddler to bob about – it’s a great size!

We do enjoy bathing Eleanor on the floor in our livingroom although being much bigger than the Shnuggle I think this one is best used inside the main bath – it’s more fiddly trying to fill at the kitchen sink and fairly weighty to carry with the additional water. There’s a plug at the bottom making the it easy to drain and the rubber bottom makes it stick to even smooth surfaces like tiles or laminate so there’s definitely no risk of it slipping about.

Stokke pink flexi bath

I guess the only negative is that it’s not so easily carried once filled with water but that’s just a given with larger baby baths. The benefits of it being so easily packed away without compromising on style and quality really does make it the perfect buy, particularly if you opt to use it from birth and purchase the newborn insert. The recommended age is 0-4 although if I’m honest it’d be a bit of a squeeze to get Squish in there! But, even getting 3 years out of a baby bath is practically unheard of so you’d certainly get longevity out of this item if you preferred to delay moving them to a bigger tub.

The Stokke Flexi bath isn’t the kind of item you’ll want to chuck away once it’s outgrown…. I’ll either loan it out to other family members or fold it away to use on those hot summer days. Hey, I might even fill it with ice and use it as a drinks cooler once my brood have grown up!

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*Disclaimer: In order to conduct this review, we were sent the Stokke Flexi Bath free of charge however all views are my own*

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  1. Wow I love the look of this! We never brought a baby bath as we were told they grow out of them so quickly so this is amazing!!

    Great review xx

  2. I absolutely love it! Like I said I’ve been wondering what to do when we renovate our bathroom (when we eventually move in to our new place) as I want a walk in shower… problem about bathing the baby solved! xx

  3. Arwh she’s so lovely :) We had one of these before they belonged to Stokke and loved it. Even though the boys are much bigger now they still like it for water play in the garden when the sun’s out :) x

  4. What a great product! If I had a newborn or was expecting to have more, I would definitely buy one. Lovely photos x

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