The Shining vs Amelie

The Shining vs Amelie

This, my lovelies, is my entry for the #TotsDIY Home Makeover competition. Tots100 have teamed up with to offer up a fantastic prize of £2,500 worth of tools, materials and expert tradesman advice. The challenge was set to pick a room I’d like to transform and show what I would do. So here we go…

I know from the title you may all think I have lost the plot. Although that is partially true, I will try my best to explain further. Our study or home office as some like to call it is an absolute nightmare. I hate it with the passion… we keep the door closed, blinds shut and only go in the if we need to quickly get rid of something that’s getting in our way elsewhere in the house (thanks for that quad bike Auntie Meg *waves fist*). To put it bluntly, our “study” is better suited to the title of ‘dungeon for the unloved’.

When we moved into our new house back in 2009 we had so many plans for that room.. a study being it’s main purpose and then maybe somewhere I could send Anthony to play his Xbox games (yes, he’s 28 years old) and a little playroom for Squish too. I don’t  know where we thought we would be getting all this spare cash from to have such big plans but needless to say we are now embarking on the start of 2013 and it’s a mess. I’ve just started freelancing so spend a lot of time working from home but I choose to sit in the living room on the sofa with my laptop developing a curved spine rather than sit in that depressing room. I’m the type of person who works so much better in positive environments and the thought of sitting in that drab hell hole surrounded by cold white walls, washing and disused Christmas presents is too much to bare. I know what you’re thinking… ‘Why don’t you just move all the crap out of the room?’. Well, there lies another problem. In this house the only storage we have is a cupboard under the stairs. Dare you open that either as chances are that you will be attacked by it’s contents that have been shoe-horned in! So, we NEED to build storage, decorate, get a desk that fits more than just a pencil on it and basically make it a bit more fit for purpose… any purpose!

The best way I thought I could portray to you how this room makes me, no US feel is through my own adaptation of ‘The Shining’. Utter horror. Please note, I don’t usually let anyone in the dungeon…


 Did you watch it? *peeps through hands*… Is it over??

I think it’s time to look at something much nicer now. My favourite film in the world is ‘Amelie’. I love the French style, especially when it’s mixed with more contemporary styles. I’m an old romantic at heart and Amelie is the only film I can watch over and over again without getting sick of. I love the music, the style, the story… everything. In fact Squish was going to be called Amelie before we found out I was having a boy! Anyway, because of this love I used ‘Amelie’ as my inspiration behind the look of our new Study. Hope you like it!

So to re-cap on the video, we would like to do the following:

– Decorate! (currently all 4 walls and ceiling are white) –
– Build some storage – fitted shelving –
– Build a decent sized desk –
– Get some light fittings put in –
– New carpet –
– Get a family gallery up –
– We need some kind of seating in there –
– Maybe some cupboards (nice french style of course) –
– Furniture & Soft furnishings –

Here are some images to give you a bit more of an idea with layout. However, I was a bit restricted by the software in terms of furniture/deco choices so it’s not an exact reflection of my dream:

I have also done a Pinterest board for my Amelie inspired study if you would like to pop over and repin any! It’s just here. And that’s it from me… all that’s left to do is beg for their help in making the above happen. I have plenty of other rooms that need sorting out too so if I am lucky enough to win, you can rest assured every penny will be well spent. There’s definite potential for a ‘Psycho’ adaptation for our bathroom! painting and renovation

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    • You’re on the ball! lol… not even posted it yet. (fingers crossed there’s no spelling mistakes!)

  1. Anne

    I really hope you post pictures of the finished room, it sounds lovely. Congratulations on your win :-)

    • I will be… just hope I do it justice… lots of pressure!! Eeeep. Thank you though, really nice of you x

  2. Elaine Livingstone

    well done, mind the blog post on the fun of doing it.

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