When Bitey met Squish

When Bitey met Squish

Currently we’re in limbo when it comes to Ellie and at what point we move her into a bigger cot, which is currently in Squish’s room. At the moment she’s cosily sleeping in her Snuzpod next to me, which makes the middle of the night feeds a whole lot easier. She tends to sleep through most nights and with weaning around the corner those few and far between night feeds will probably (hopefully!) become a thing of the past.

So it leads us into thinking, when’s the best time to move her across? With Squish it was an easy decision. He was bottle fed from around 6/7 weeks old and being brand new parents we were all keeping each other awake – little noises woke us up and no noises kept us up worrying. He was moved into his own room and cot after a month or two and slept peacefully through almost every night (until he learned how to climb). Of course it was a much easier decision because there was an empty, nicely decorated room across the hall. Now, though, this room is littered with Hot Wheels, storybooks and stuffed toys. Oh and it has a 4-year old that stops moving as much as a perpetual motion machine.

We’ve also got a slight fear that when we go into their room in the morning, our overzealous little man may have got in her cot to give her cuddles. He adores his little sister, which is very cute, but he can be a little too much in her face sometimes. He’s only 4 so doesn’t yet fully understand why his 5-month old sister can’t do the same giddy things as him, or why she gets a little scared when his giant moon-head comes rushing in for some fraternal love.

Either way, she will be moved into Squish’s room at some point soon and we’ll have to play it by ear. I think Squish is at the right age to accept an “intruder” into his room, as his bedroom is still somewhere he mainly uses for sleeping in (not so much playing yet). Once she’s moved in, though, it won’t be long until she’s climbing out and we’re awoken to the suspicious giggling noises of two little mischief-makers. With the size of their bedroom there’s no way we can fit two kids’ beds in, as well as wardrobes and drawers (plus all the toys!).

This has led Yawnofthedad to already start planning to get the one bed he was never allowed to get, a bunk bed. He’s already lived vicariously through Squish by getting a race car bed (another one on his childhood dream list checked off!).

Some bunk beds even have a double bed on the bottom, which is great for when Squish has a bad dream and I ask him at 2am “do you want daddy to stay with you tonight?” (mwahahaha).

Hopefully the “move” will go well and we won’t see Ellie covered in Hot Wheels and glow-in-the-
dark space stickers every morning we go in at check on the kids – “it wasn’t me, Mickey did it!”

Or in Ellie’s case, Lincoln waking up to a bitey chewing his nose…

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  1. Omg I can’t believe she is nearly 6 months. It seems like yesterday I was stalking your twitter for the birth announcement ;)
    Exciting times and so lovely that squish loves his little sister so much xx

  2. I think we moved Chlo in with Ben at about 8 months – bearing in mind he was a lot younger and sillier than Squish too. We waited till she was sleeping through so as not to disturb him and they did us proud to be honest.
    If it weren’t for the imminent completion of the extension we’d be putting Amy in there with them too – which I have to admit would feel rather like feeding her to the lions!!

  3. Jemma

    I love reading your posts Dani they always make me chuckle and think of what we have got to come with our own little princess :) x

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