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WIN an organic blanket from Dot&Co

I am so excited to be hosting my first baby-related competition and it couldn’t be with a better brand.

Dot&Co specialise in organic babywear, only using high quality materials and organic cottons to ensure optimal comfort whilst remaining kind to the environment. (pssssst, did you know they are also certified by the Soil Association?)

Not only this but their products are really fun and versatile so they make great investments for your little ones and the designs are really cool too!! If you’re not sold already then take a look for yourselves.


Dot&Co have been kind enough to let me host a competition to win one of their beautiful baby blankets (your choice of course!) If you would like to be in with a chance of winning, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below:

Hurry as this competition ends midnight Friday 8th November!



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  1. Lynsey Buchanan

    My daughter fist clothes she was premature and so tiny. when I look at them I am amazed at how small she was

  2. katherine grieve

    I have the 2 babygrows that my 2 daughters came home from hospital in and their first pair of shoes too. Wont ever get rid of them xx

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    A few things like their first shoes and Christmas outfit etc

  4. Angie McDonald

    I have a white towel with blue trim that has a bunny embroided onto it and a little hood with bunny ears, we used to say ‘skin a bunny-rabbit’ and sing bye, baby bunting and it’s still in my airing cupboard!

  5. Karen Barrett

    First pair of shoes

  6. The gorgeous white snowsuit from mamas and papas that my son wore home from hospital. It absolutely drowned him as he was diddy but we didn’t have anything else warm that was small enough. Bad planning on my part!

  7. lorna kennedy

    i have a ted baker short suit and a mickey mouse one from the disney store for my son which i love and dont want to get rid off x

  8. Julie Henderson

    my sons 1st pair of doc martens which were specially made

  9. katie

    My daughters first babygrow that she wore in hospital. ahhh:)

  10. Kathryn Tatters

    I havent parted with anything yet :-)

  11. Martina Pichova

    My sons first pair of shoes.

  12. I’ve got about 3 little dresses I can’t get rid of – my little girl didn’t even wear them much but I just remember all the excitement that I felt when buying them before she was born!

  13. Leanne Bell

    My daughters first baby grow. I even keep it in my top drawer to remind myself how small she was.

  14. claire woods

    My mum knitted me a couple of baby cardigans, and I don’t want to part with those.

  15. Sam Bresnahan

    With both of my boys and the little dude due in Jan, I have been so thankful for their winter snowsuits. Keep them lovely and toasty throughout the bitter winters.

  16. Lorraine Tinsley

    The first babygro that she ever wore, but saying that she didn’t really wear it that long before it was covered in sick! lol

  17. Lucy Bailey

    Organic swaddling cloths

  18. Linda Horsburgh

    Snugly baby grows xx

  19. Rebecca Jones

    The first baby grow- a yellow giraffe one for my daughter, and a multi-coloured spotty one for my son x

  20. anthony harrington

    our little Grandsons very 1st babygrow

  21. Jill Mann

    The babygro we brought home in from the hospital.

  22. Christina Marrioty

    Nieves first size baby grows xxx

  23. Liz Green

    All of My children’s first baby grows and bibs :) oh and hats…yeah theres more than one lol xx

  24. Tracy Newton

    I give everything to The Salvation Army. To pass on to the needy or sell in Charity Shops.

  25. Stephanie Whitehouse

    A little white dress. I have a picture of my daughter when she first started sitting up unaided wearing it

  26. Hele R

    My little boys first outfit :)

  27. Janice Mackin

    No. I have kept things for future children but not for sentimental reasons.

  28. Hilda Hazel Wright

    My son had a babygrow that was like a little suit, black with a white front panel and little bow tie. He wore it for my wedding when he was 4 months old. So sweet!


    no l’m afraid – l hand them on to other friends and family

  30. Laura Pritchard

    The first outfit my son wore home from hospital.

  31. Andrew Cakebread

    Defintely has to be first shoes

  32. sarah

    Their first shoes and the baby grows they both came home from hospital in

  33. justine meyer

    i have a teething frog that we have kept

  34. michelle holmes

    my childrens first sleepsuit sets they wore in hospital and first Christmas outfits :)

  35. katrina day-reilly

    baby naming outfit

  36. alison johnson

    Christening outfits and congratulations cards x

  37. karen cowley

    i couldn’t part with babys name tag from when he was born xx

  38. Julie Ward

    A crochet blanket my grandma made

  39. Claire D

    The cardigan my mum knit

  40. Emma Collins

    my childrens christening gown

  41. brenda heads

    A lovely white ‘christining outfit

  42. Leanne Norman

    I have a few baby clothing items and shoes.

  43. laura stewart

    i got loads of brand new baby clothes, but my daughter was 3 months early and was in tiny prem clothes, by the time she came out of hospital she was to big for the clothes id bought her :(

  44. first designer baby outfit my daughter came home from hospital in – bought by my mum who is a wonderful person and great grandmother

  45. Jennifer

    i kept everything from my son (were still working on kids… having a girl this time) but i’ll be keeping blankets and special firsts

  46. Isabel O'Brien

    I am entering for my sister who has a three month old baby girl. She doesn’t want to get rid of the very hungry caterpillar pyjamas but little baby Willow is getting so long they wont fit for much longer. I think they’re probably going to be ones she has to keep!

  47. laura jane

    I have a tiny tshirt of my own that i cannot throw away!

  48. tina edwards

    im a grandma but my daughter has a 12 week old baby girl and she couldnt bare to part with her first sleepsuits so she has had them made into a soft toy

  49. Susan Hall

    My sons first babygrow

  50. Helen jones

    Christening robe – now a family heirloom

  51. Amy Ripley

    My daughter’s first coat! So cute!

  52. Gina

    My daughters first pair of shoes are something I don’t think I could ever get rid of.

  53. Carrie Hamilton

    When my daughter was born she was a lot smaller than I expected, so my mum rushed out & bought teeny clothes for her. At first I wanted to keep everything. But I kept the first sleepsuit she wore in hospital & a tiny cardigan my mum bought. It’s for a doll. It’s hard to believe how small she once was.
    I named her Daisy. So have had a little obsession with buying clothes with daisies or daisy related stuff on them. I’ve saved all her daisy clothes up to make a patchwork blanket with them :) It’s an ongoing project

  54. Jo Booth

    my daughters first babygrow, she was only 5lbs so she had a teeny tiny babygrow

  55. Allan Fullarton

    Great competition

  56. Zoe Roxby

    A dressing gown. Because both my boys were pre term and we couldnt find anything to fit them so we had to shop at Toys R Us for dolls clothing. there was this gorgeous little blue and green dressing gown and slippers set so we bought it and I will never part with it its so cute @ZoeRoxby

  57. Katie Walker

    A little cardigan made by my grandma for my littler one

  58. Sharon Burroughs

    I could never part with the little outfit I bought my lil girl to wear for when she was born

  59. Katherine Coldicott

    I’ve got 3 little baby grows from my 3 boys. One with a clown on, one with a puppy on and one with a dinosaur on.

  60. Janet Rawstron

    Being very practical and helpful I passed all the baby clothes on to a friend who was expecting her first

  61. Janet Rawstron

    Being very practical and helpful I passed everything on to a friend who was expecting her first baby.

  62. Laura Linsey

    My daughter’s first trousers, in tiny baby size, she is now 6 and couldn’t believe they were ever hers!

  63. Clare Scanlan

    My son’s first shoes, so tiny and sweet

  64. Emma Lewis

    I still have a shawl that was made for me by my great aunt.

  65. jodie harvey

    i have all my childrens first outfits and a few other bits from each of them and a friend of mine made tvarious teddies from the clothes, truely beautiful and unique :)


    The first pair of shoes.

  67. Janine Atkin

    my son had a tigger baby grow we couldnt part with!

  68. Nicola Holland

    The clothes that our babies came home in from the hospital :)

  69. Rachel

    A few items :- first babygro, bootees etc.

  70. Kirsty Woods

    I kept my sons blanket that a friend made for him when he was born

  71. I have passed on all my baby clothes to a friend, apart from the going home outfit. Can’t bear to part with that!

  72. Jennifer Rhymer

    I have a little white all in one suit with a rocking horse on the front. I bought it when I was 24 weeks pregnant but I lost the baby at 26 weeks (a little boy). I cannot part with it as it was the only thing I bought him.

  73. anita roberts

    i’ve kept the first babygrow that my boys wore when they were born. it was passed down to each of them and is now worn by the teddy that i had when i was a baby

  74. Angela Williams

    We kept the outfit we would for her coming out of hospital and is currently on her favourite doll

  75. I have a couple of hair ornaments I hang on the Christmas Tree each year but no clothes.

  76. becca staples

    1st ever baby hats, 1st football kits and 1st christmas costumes x

  77. Debbie skinner

    The first baby grow and shoes x

  78. Rebecca Nisbet

    For my daughters first Xmas her nan knitted her a mrs Xmas red dress with a hood and fur round the hood sleeves and bottom, she looked adorable in it, I can’t bare to give it away.

  79. michelle pierce

    my little boys christening suit

  80. joanne liddement

    A hand knitted blanket my son’s Great Grandma made for him.She is no longer here so it is of great sentimental value

  81. lynn neal

    sleepsuits just so essential!

  82. Heidi Brown

    My little boys coming home outfit – a little tweed dungaree set :)

  83. My son was premature and he wore the tiniest little grey romper with dinosaurs all over it when he was is hospital. It is the cutest thing and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it!

  84. Danielle Pearce

    I kept both my childrens First Shoes, and Their first baby grows and a couple of my daughters pretty dresses xxxx

  85. Pauline Burroughs

    A little yellow dress and I’ve also kept all of her paintings & drawings from playgroup

  86. Petra Hora

    His first ever outfit from the hospital.

  87. kristy brown

    My kids first outfits! Not a chance they are going anywhere

  88. Phillip Ross

    My little boys ‘coming home from hospital outfit’ so cute, still smell the baby sick too lol but I don’t want to wash all the brand new baby smell away :)

  89. Alison Johnson

    A cardigan I knited & the blanket we bought our son home from hospital wrapped in.

  90. Eleanor Powell

    My daughters little Chinese outfit that I bought in Hong Kong when she was 9 months old

  91. Amanda letch

    My Sons first blankets and babygro :)

  92. Hayley Todd

    My little girl’s Christening dress and satin booties

  93. Charlotte Hoskins

    I have kept her first baby grow, pink with white hearts <3

  94. Roslyn Marshall

    With DD1 we bought a cute all white going home outfit with matching hat, which I kept and used to bring DD2 home in and I’ve just looked it out of my memory box to wash for baby number 3! x

  95. Jasmine

    Haven’t thrown anything away…..want to save it for the next one :)

  96. Jacqueline Roberts

    I kept their babygrows x

  97. Naomi Buchan

    Ive saved quite a lot, i want to be able to give them to my grandkids one day x

  98. Rebecca Mercer

    My babies home from hospital outfit

  99. Adrian Clarke

    Their “I support Aston Villa” Hooded tops!

  100. stacey robinson

    i had some personalised stuff made by a company on facebook GBT Embroidery she does amazing stuff at reasonable prices, i would never let the go

  101. Jade Missy Evans

    Nearly everything! I hate getting rid of baby stuff :( but I have kept my son shawl blanket and all of their first outfits :)

  102. leanne williams

    A few things like their first shoes and Christmas outfit etc

  103. shirley evans

    A baby quilt made by my mother

  104. Claire Nelson

    Knitted cardigans and the outfit they wore to come home from hospital

  105. Jill fairbank

    First outfits my children left hospital I and my eldest is 17 youngest is 3

  106. Michelle Weston

    I have both the outfits my 2 wore home from hospital and both their christening outfits.

  107. Mildred Watchman

    The one green sock that my great aunt knitted.

  108. theresa cooke

    I have a box with my children’s items that I cant part with, new born clothing, shoes I loved and blankets.

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