Random writings…

I’ve just logged back on after (a year?) to try and write some words down. I’m sorry if this turns into a bit of a dear diary post but I’ve decided to use my somewhat dormant platform as a partial form of therapy. You know when you feel like you keep turning major corners and

Boys boys boys…

Hello again… it’s Dave here. Back in January I audaciously gatecrashed danni’s blog… the great blog hijack of 2016… within the Salford South Parliamentary Constituency. My purpose then was to reflect on the journey (literally, in parts) that led me to fall totally head-over-heels in love with this adorable, beautiful, wonderful little lady. But today’s

Finding love again (part two)

Whilst edging into the new year still recovering from a night of gin, prosecco, Cards Against Humanity and New Year’s Day on 2 hours sleep with 4 kids, I found danni’s post (Finding Love Again…) such a heart-warming read. Despite having had a, and I quote, “tough, tough, tough” 2015 (to say the least), it was wonderful

The rise of the roller children

In collaboration with Proline. Is it just me or do children mainly transport themselves using wheels these days. Over the many years I’ve been on Gods green earth, I’ve seen a whole evolution of wheeled children. The first time I began to notice this was when I was out shopping for my weekly wine stock, when suddenly

Finding love again…

Possibly the cheesiest blog title I’ve ever written. I’m allowed a bit of cheese aren’t? Lord know’s I’ve drank enough wine to allow a bit of cheese. Anyway, I’ve probably said this in every single post for a while now but I’m going to say it again once more with feeling… things have been TOUGH…. tough

My Christmas wish.

This time last year I hadn’t a clue what was lurking around the corner… I didn’t know that my life was about to turn upside down and never be the same again and I certainly didn’t know that it would be our last Christmas together as a family. I’ve felt Christmas creeping up on me for a

Cutting corners

It’s verging on 10 months now since the separation. A lot has happened in that time, more than I could have ever imagined; some epic lows and some indescribable highs. Although I feel a lot more positive about how my life has changed, I’m also accepting that some things may always induce that heavy feeling of falling