brb… here are some pictures of animals wearing sunglasses

These past few weeks I have been busy…. VERY busy. Marriage, pregnancy and getting to grips with driving have been just snippets of what I’ve been up to but I hope to write full updates on these very soon. Stressed is not the word… I’ve been concentrating so much time on our shotgun wedding that work fell behind so I have been playing catch up for the past 2 weeks (and counting). Someone should have warned me that planning a wedding in the space of 6 weeks is not easy!! (yes, I am that naive)

So until I have caught up on work I’m afraid my blog suffers. But, it’s okay because I have something extra special to keep you entertained while I get my life in order. I have taken it upon myself to bring together some of the best animals wearing stylish sunglasses that the internet has to offer.

You can thank me later.

 *Please note that this post contains a sponsored link, however that all content is my own*

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  1. :D Thank you!! Personally I think the blogging world needs more posts like this, we all seem to get really stressed with getting posts written and there should be more of dogs in sunglasses as this has really made me smile! :)

  2. Toni W

    Reminds me of childhood days of trying to dress the family dog up….and crying my eyes out when she didn’t want to wear it lol! :)

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