Buzz Lightyear to the rescue…from boredom!

Being a parent for almost 5 years I’ve learned a lot of stuff on this incredibly tiring-but-rewarding journey: how to survive on 2 hours sleep a night; being able to change nappies on any surface, whether it’s mobile or stationary; ingesting food at an alarming rate. But one of the less useful skills I now possess is the ability to recite almost every word from a every Disney film.

“Fish are friends, not food”

“It means no worries, for the rest of your days”

“You are a sad, strange little man”

The last one coming from the film that effectively launched all the films that are now burned into my retinas, the brilliant Toy Story. The last couple of years we’ve caught him up to speed on all the Classic and “classic” Disney films he’s missed being just a twinkle in his daddy’s eye. Along with Wall-e, Toy Story (and its sequels) stand head-and-shoulders above the rest as his favourites.

We were asked to review the new 12” Action Armour Buzz Lightyear figure. When he spied the Space Ranger poking out of a poorly-hidden box, you can imagine his unfettered joy at unwrapping and seeing what this Zurg-beating hero had to offer. YawnoftheDad admits that he’d always secretly wanted a Buzz Lightyear of his own, even though he thought he was slightly too old for one (11) when the first film was released. So it was hard to tell who wanted him out of the box quicker.

It’s hard not to be impressed with the level of detail on the action figure. The signature single-hair beard is there, the inane cheesy grin, and all the classic phrases from the films are available at the touch of a button. The figure itself is solid, but not too weighty and Squish is able to pick him up and easily carry him around, despite it being a full foot (12”) in length.

Buzz Lightyear action figure

But they’re all the usual features of any Buzz Lightyear figure. It’s the “Action armour” that separates this from the rest of the bunch. Buzz has 3 ‘modes’ available at the push of a button:

Space Ranger mode – Classic Buzz Lightyear pose, with his wings tucked away he’s set for adventure.

Flight mode – Pulling down on the lever on Buzz’s back pops his wings out and he’s ready for blast off.

Battle mode – A second pull on the lever flips Buzz’s wings over and turns them into shoulder blasters.

A final pull tucks his wings away and sets him back to the classic pose.

Mattel could have probably got away with leaving it there, but they’ve added one or two little features that really sell the 3 separate modes of ‘Action Armour Buzz’. There are over 30 sounds and phrases available at the push of a button, but with each mode change the phrases differ. This definitely makes playtime a lot more fun, with Buzz making flying/blasting noises when in his relevant modes.

The figure has a retractable helmet visor and fully articulated arms, and although the legs don’t bend, Squish doesn’t seem to mind.

The only downside I can see to this Buzz is that the “laser” bulb on his arm is just painted on. Unlike other models where it’s an actual blinking bulb (just like in the films). Aside from this, it’s a great toy that Squish loves to play with…the only problem is that he’s after a Woody figure now!

But don’t just take my word for it, listen to what Squish has to say for himself!

Action Armour Buzz Lightyear retails for around £44.99 and is an ideal Christmas present for your budding Space Rangers. You can see the full range of Toy Story figures over on the Disney website.
*Disclaimer: In order to conduct this review we were sent this Buzz Lightyear figure free of charge however all opinions are our own*

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  1. Squish is a natural in front of the camera – I can imagine him as a future presenter on The Gadget Show! Frog would LOVE this toy. Lucky boy – bet he’s chuffed with his new friend! x

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