Eleanor, today is your first birthday.

I cannot believe that this time last year I held you in my arms for the first time. So tiny and delicate… and just so darn precious. The whole family fell in love with you at first sight and who could blame us? It was a tough start –  the breastfeeding problems, the slow weight gains, the sleepless nights but we

DressingGate 2014

I’ll admit it, as a dad, going from having a boy to having a girl you build up a few preconceptions and dreads. One of which is clothes. Oh god, you think, it’s going to all be bloody cats and unicorns with bows in their hair. There won’t be any sight of a Batman or

The meaning of weaning

Ah yes, weaning. Those precious months where you end up with more food on the floor than in your fridge, freezer, and cupboards collectively. The time where Yawnofthedad physically itches because his OCD tendencies won’t allow him to let the mess remain on the floor for more than a couple of minutes. It’s even worse


I had forgotten just how fun babies can be and this post might explain why I’ve been a tad quiet on the ol’ blogging front recently. Yes, Eleanor or ‘Bobs’ as we’ve now loving started calling her, might well still be waking us up at least once a night but it’s hard to stay mad

Breastfeeding: my normal

All to often (and not just with breastfeeding) we are guilty of making comparisons with each other – searching for what’s normal. I did the same. I needed tangible numbers and information to reaffirm what I was doing was right and how Eleanor was feeding was “typical”. The truth is, normal is a lot broader than