Bras4Mums (review)

I’m rewinding back to around week 2 of life with Eleanor when I had a visit from a lovely lady (T-J) from bras4mums. Bras4mums are a bit different from your regular online retailers, firstly (as you can probably guess by their name) they specialise in providing quality bras for mums; before, after and beyond birth. But

Tiffany Rose Maternity Wear review

Who are Tiffany Rose? Established in 2003, Tiffany Rose create elegant maternity dresses inspired by the 50’s and 60’s for special occasions. Each dress is created using very high quality materials, sourced from all over the world but are proudly manufactured here in Britain. Being a celeb favourite and having been named as a winner of

Bravo, Bravado! (Review)

Recently the lovely people at Bravado Designs sent me some goodies to keep my ever-inflating pregnancy boobs comfortably supported. Having gone through one pregnancy already I knew that finding a bra that fits properly whilst feeling comfortable can be a bit of a mare…  not only this, but last time I couldn’t help but feel