The fastest kid in the North West

I often find it comforting when I take Squish to the park, because I see all the other kids there actually almost identically to him, albeit with much better balance than him anyway. Being the eldest of our two, he’s paving the way to new grounds in parenthood, so like I say, it’s good to

Introducing the NEW Silver Cross Reflex…

This week Silver Cross unveiled a new stroller/travel system; the ‘Reflex’. I for one was very intrigued after reading the opening paragraph of their press release: With this stroller, I think Silver Cross really wanted to offer parents something that gives them the flexibility of travel systems but in a more lightweight and stroller-like design.

Cloth nappies?? Are you mad?!

When I had Squish back in 2009 I never gave cloth nappies a second thought. Cloth nappies I feel come with really negative connotations of almost digressing to the days when looking after babies was deemed a lot more hard work. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing stories from older generations of how their

Breastfeeding is not easy

I remember back in 2009 going to all the antenatal classes… breathing techniques, staring at dummy vagina’s and sitting in a room full of pregnant women doing pelvic floor exercises. It was all very informative and in majority quite useful however one very important topic was skated over…. breastfeeding. I always knew I wanted to