Bras4Mums (review)

I’m rewinding back to around week 2 of life with Eleanor when I had a visit from a lovely lady (T-J) from bras4mums. Bras4mums are a bit different from your regular online retailers, firstly (as you can probably guess by their name) they specialise in providing quality bras for mums; before, after and beyond birth. But

12 days of Eleanor

So today marks Eleanor’s 12th day out of my tummy… it feels like she has always been here… I never imagined having such a strong bond as I do now with her… even at 3am when I’m on my 3rd feed in a row, I am just in awe of her. I realise I have

She’s here!!

Well… you may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet on here recently and you’ve probably guessed why!! On Monday 17th March at 9.43am we welcomed into the world our beautiful daughter Eleanor Crook. What can I say?… she is just utterly perfect and we are head over heels in love with her! I will

39 weeks pregnant

So here I am…. 3 days short of my due date.  And how do I feel?… bloody awful! But wait, it’s not because I am as big as a house… it’s because mother nature has gifted me with a late pregnancy cold on the sunniest week of the year so far. I guess I should

Goodbye bump…

All waddling jokes aside, I’ve had quite a love affair with my ever-rounding belly through this pregnancy and it saddens me that it could come to an end at any moment. Obviously I realise I have a very exciting time ahead of me but these last few days/weeks/hours give much reason for reflection. I’ve been

38 weeks pregnant

I gone done it again and missed a week so as always, here is my sad face gif by way of an apology… So, what have you missed? Midwife appointments are becoming a bit of a running joke now to be honest. I lower my expectations every time so I don’t get stressed about anything.