Introducing the Doona

Every so often, a product comes on the market leaving me wondering why it’s never been done before… and this is right up there with the best of them! Allow me to introduce the Doona from Simple Parenting… The Doona from Simple Parenting is a car seat but, not just a car seat, there is one fundamental difference… it has

What’s new with Silver Cross?

As you may know, one of my favourite brands is Silver Cross. I just adore their heritage and the well founded reputation they have built up over the years. I adore my Wayfarer… I feel great pushing Eleanor around in it and everything about the way it has been designed fits in perfectly with how

Cosatto OOBA puschair review…

As you may know, as part of being knighted as a ‘Cosatto Brand Buddy’ we were gifted with the very “difficult” task of reviewing their brand new pushchair, the Ooba Travel System. I did do a write-up on it’s main features prior to the arrival of little Eleanor (squeee) when I only had a Mickey

Silver Cross Wayfarer – Review

Silver Cross is one of those brands that have such a fantastic history and have been around for so long that you just know you can trust the quality of their products. My mum, my mum’s mum and possibly even the generation before have used Silver Cross’s products so it’s only right I carry on this family

Introducing the NEW Silver Cross Reflex…

This week Silver Cross unveiled a new stroller/travel system; the ‘Reflex’. I for one was very intrigued after reading the opening paragraph of their press release: With this stroller, I think Silver Cross really wanted to offer parents something that gives them the flexibility of travel systems but in a more lightweight and stroller-like design.