Joie Trillo Car seat

So it seems our little Squish boy isn’t so little any more. We couldn’t put it off any longer – he needed a bigger car seat. Our initial idea was to get a simple booster cushion but having spoken to a few other parents we were quickly advised of the additional safety features high-back booster seats offer.

Cosatto 3sixti High chair review

Weaning is slowly beginning in our household (god help us all!) so we have been becoming friends with our newly assembled Cosatto 3sixti high chair. Want to know what we think of it so far? Well, wait no more…. In terms of assembly I’ll keep this short and sweet – it’s easy peasy to, so there’ll

She Who Dares Fragrance review

Okay, so I don’t make a habit of reviewing perfume on my blog but when I was approached for this, the concept really did grab me. She Who Dares is a fashion brand representing the acknowledgement and celebration of inspirational women. To better explain SWD, here’s a few words from the founder, Rachel Lowe: “Throughout the product design

Funky Giraffe Bibs Review

Time travelling back to the baby Squish days, there wasn’t a bandana bib in sight… well, either that or my unobservant gene was working at it’s best in 2009/2010 (probably the latter). Anyway, I don’t remember Squish being a particularly drooly baby but Eleanor, my oh my… she loves a good drool…. probably because she’s constantly biting

dyson bladeless fan review

So recently, we in the UK (and Manchester to be more specific) experienced a completely unheard of phenomenon: an actually warm summer period. If anyone’s ever heard my ramblings in the past, we live above a one-storey flat so when it’s warm in the house, it’s WARM. With some perfect timing we received a package

Westons Wyld Wood Cider Review

Last month we received a box full of goodies that brought a tear to @yawnofthedad’s eye. The kind folks over at Westons sent us some samples of their new “Wyld Wood” organic apple cider. Available in both fizzy and still, bottled or boxed, it’s the perfect summer treat after a long hot day of being

Stokke Flexi Bath review

Ah, Stokke you are spoiling me with these beautiful baby products. It wasn’t that long ago I wrote my review of their MyCarrier Cool which I’m still having a bit of a love affair with. This time we have a baby bath, but not your ordinary baby bath.. this one is foldable!! You may have read