A festive break in Wales

After getting acquainted in the lovely Mulberry Inn hotel for the next 2 days in North East Wales, we made the short trip over to Erddig and their National Trust park at Erddig Hall. Being a crisp and dark night, the ground were the perfect setting for their Christmas special, the ‘Erddig Glow’ where “Victorian parterre,

Butlins for Christmas

I’ve not really shouted about this much on my blog yet but you may have noticed my shiny Butlins Ambassadors badge that I’m proudly displaying. As part of our new ambassadors role we will be going on 2 Butlins holidays at 2 different resorts, so we can rush back to tell you all about it – I

A review of The Mulberry Inn, Wales

Last weekend we were invited to experience what North East Wales had to offer during the festive season. I’ll be covering a couple of special events we attended in another post but first I’ll be writing about our accommodation – the Mulberry Inn. The Mulberry is a newly refurbished 4-Star luxury bed and breakfast accommodation ran by