Eleanor, today is your first birthday.

I cannot believe that this time last year I held you in my arms for the first time. So tiny and delicate… and just so darn precious. The whole family fell in love with you at first sight and who could blame us?

It was a tough start –  the breastfeeding problems, the slow weight gains, the sleepless nights but we battled through and you’re now a strong, smiley little character that you cannot help but find infectious. You bring light to every room you enter… hope to every negative feeling… and love to everyone you meet, unconditionally.

Your favourite things to do at the moment are balancing things on your head, peeking, giving mummy cuddles, throwing food on the floor to make your brother laugh and generally emptying anything that I’ve just tidied away. But everyone loves a little mischief – just don’t tell your brother.

My darling baby girl, I hope that this next year brings you joy and you continue to smile your way through life as you have done since the first day you showed us those adorable dimples. I love seeing your little face in the morning, greeting me with your bouncing smiles – a welcome reminder that I am loved. What more could I need? What more could I ever ask for? You are learning so much so quickly but teaching me in the same breath without even realising. You ask for nothing but my care, love and attention – and that, my little Bobs, shall be delivered in the same way your love is to me, unconditionally.

Although mummy may not always get things right, just know that you are loved and I promise you now that I will use every ounce of my being to give you and your brother the lives you deserve.

Happy first birthday Bobs, mummy loves you so very much.


bobs and mummy

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday Eleanor. What a lucky girl to have such a fab mummy! Have a great day x

  2. Happy Birthday Eleanor! I can’t believe its been a year. I remember all those breastfeeding posts so well, and I was right there with my own Eleanor, a month behind you. Congratulations on making it through the first year!

  3. Happy birthday beautiful Bobs. I can’t believe the last year has gone so quickly. She’s a gorgeous little girl and is lucky to have such a wonderful mummy xxx

  4. Danni you’re a wonderful mother who would do anything in your power to make those children happy. Eleanor is a beautiful little girl, so cheerful and cheeky. Lincoln is such a cool little dude, so full of character. They are a credit to you, and you are stronger than you think. xxx

  5. Happy First Birthday baby girl! You must be so proud Danni xxxx

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