Finding love again (part two)

Whilst edging into the new year still recovering from a night of gin, prosecco, Cards Against Humanity and New Year’s Day on 2 hours sleep with 4 kids, I found danni’s post (Finding Love Again…) such a heart-warming read.

Despite having had a, and I quote, “tough, tough, tough” 2015 (to say the least), it was wonderful to read about positive, colourful blossoms blooming in danni’s life; from discovering bonds with her neighbours who had been (quite literally) on her doorstep the whole time, to the exciting apprehension of dating again for the first time since god-knows-when, to the leap of faith that led to love.

But, wait! Who is this imposter graffitiing on danni’s blog? Well, I’m truly, absolutely, 100% thrilled to say I’m the proud and lucky guy danni fell in love with… and, furthermore, I’m the guy who coincidentally became besotted with this beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, intelligent, talented, brave, strong, wonderful woman. I considered editing some of these descriptives out but it was just impossible… this is NOT embellishment; this is an accurate (in fact, modest even) portrait of danni.

I found it intriguing, absolutely enticing, to read about the moments danni experienced before I rang her doorbell for the first time; before her blog post, danni hadn’t shared this detail with me. Having exchanged lots of messages with danni, the evening on which I finally got to meet the girl I was already convinced would become a special part of my life had arrived. I’d finished work at 8pm and had full-on butterflies, to the extent of feeling that unmistakable sensation (I hope you’ve felt it) of Christmas Eve multiplied by 1,000.

As I walked the short walk from my office to danni’s house I ran various gut wrenching thoughts through my head… what if I can’t think of anything to say? What if she doesn’t like me? What if I say something to offend her? (I’ve been known to have issues with the brain to mouth filter) What if she gets cold feet and doesn’t even open the front door to me?

I bought her flowers on my way. Her handle on the “networking” site we’d initially made contact through was “dannidelion”, but they didn’t have dandelions… I guess florists (Morrison’s) aren’t best known for a roaring trade in meadow weeds! But the flowers I found were dandelionish and, indeed, dandeliony enough for my liking. And, shortly after, I arrived, edging towards a state of trembling, I called her via WhatsApp… and we had a brief, clumsy conversation which established I’d arrived. She then opened her front door… and came down the stairs leading to her gate… and I was in love. No exaggeration. She was beautiful, she glowed and she had to be mine.

So, we walked and talked, and established we both loved music and wine and other interests / vices. Throughout the whole of our first evening together I couldn’t believe how important it was that she liked what I had to say, and how I said it, and liked what I like… there was no way on earth I was going to even entertain the idea of not having a future with danni. And, the most magical moment of all? Well, I started to walk danni home and I was cold. My teeth were chattering. We stopped and danni cuddled me and it felt wonderful… the cold was gone. Then, in the mesmerising blur of what happened next, she kissed me and I kissed her back and, yes, I absolutely was in love with this girl.

I’m not a writer (you can probably tell) and I feel like I’m rambling. Am I? Please comment below!!! Is that what happens on a blog?!

Anyway, a bit more… the next day I was so desperate to know if she liked me, as I had fallen head first for her. A little too desperate perhaps (the advice from danni’s neighbour aka our matchmaker was “”). I wrote her a song (she’s never heard it)… too intense? I uncontrollably yearned to see danni again… immediately! And the excitement I felt in that first night, and on the next day… and on the day after that, still thrives within me today as I write this post. I feel so privileged to have danni as a massively important part of my life and to be the same to her. We enter 2016 (and the rest of our lives, for that matter) impatiently eager to write countless more happy chapters, to be each other’s rock in times of adversity, to be the very best of friends. This wonderful, lovely lady and I have decided we want to live together and I cannot wait! I can’t wait to wake up with her every morning, to go to bed with her every night and for our crazy little families to become one uber crazy family. It’s going to be an adventure, to say the least. There’s so much for us to consider and do… so many people (aside from ourselves and our kiddies) to consider. I’m so confident that, in the midst of the inevitable challenges we’ll encounter along the way, we’ll find enjoyment in the smallest of details.

We’re currently in the early stages of selling our current homes. This, what is supposedly one of the most stressful things we’ll do in life, will be stressful… but if you wanted to sell your home to be with your soul mate; the person who you undeniably believe you were put on earth to be with, you’d embrace the challenge with arms open wide. And that is what we’ll do. I can’t wait for you to read more (from danni, you’ll be pleased to learn… this is purely a cameo!) about our adventures along the way.

I loved reading the comments on danni’s “Finding Love Again…” post. Unsurprisingly to me, danni appears to have truly connected with her readers who, in turn, appear to genuinely care about her happiness. Therefore, I’d like to take the opportunity through signing off to reassure you that I’m going to take proper good care of her. I love her so, so much and I’m so happy to be her Dave x

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is just the most lovely blog post I have ever written (and I might be crying a little bit here). I’m so pleased for the two of you. Much love and happiness to you both xxx

  2. Dave, you are wonderful. Thank you for making our Danni so happy again x

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