Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano review

Ah yes, the play mat, an essential baby item in the Squish household. I can still remember Squish having his first laugh and smiles on his old mat whilst he batted away at random dangly creatures, tempting his oh so very bitey nature. But after numerous poops, pukes and spilt milk, his mat was officially declared a bio-hazard and was shipped off to the big play mat storage in the sky.

Luckily we were given the Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano to review for number 2, currently and affectionately known as “Miss Chicken legs”. For a baby that has yet to lie still for more than 2 seconds, this is the ideal mat for her.

The kick & play piano is almost like a 3-in-1 mat and depending on how old your little one is, the mat will be set up differently. With E only 8 weeks old and still ridiculously titchy, we’ve currently got it set up like below. She comfortably lies on the cushioned mat and stares in awe at the hanging toys: a safety mirror, hippo teether, elephant “clackers”, roller-ball frog, and a scrunchy/crackly zebra. These at the moment are just in fingertip reach and her non-stop flapping does mean the occasionally animal gets a whipping at her expense!

Kick ‘n Play Piano gym

Time to stretch those chicken legs…

But so far, there’s nothing that really separates it from any old play mat out there. That’s where the extremely cool little foot piano comes into play, and with E’s chicken legs, boy does it come into play. The piano is situated at the bottom of the mat and when baby kicks a key it plays a note then a funky piece of music. E definitely loves to get her groove on, and when she was constantly fidgeting and uncomfortable with her reflux it was one of the few things that could happily distract her, even if it was for only a few seconds. The one drawback of the piano is that the keys need to be hit on the bottom, so it takes a little bit of clever baby placement to get their chicken legs to hit that musical sweet spot.

The other two “settings” for the mat depend on how old/advanced your little one is. The arch can be easily removed and its hanging toys attached to the bottom of the mat instead. This is perfect for when your baby has “evolved” into a roller and is enjoying some tummy time. So why not add some scrunchy, bitey goodness to that?!

Finally, the piano can be tilted up like a proper piano, with your little one’s legs underneath. This lets them mash the keyboard to their hearts content. Obviously this is only recommended when they’re a lot older and can fully support themselves whilst sitting up. Of course, that doesn’t stop even bigger kids sliding under and busting out their favourite piece of Mozart too…

Squish plays foot piano

So far, we’ve had the kick & play gym for around 4 weeks and we’ve not encountered any problems or short battery life (especially with Squish enjoying tinkling the plastic ivories too). The piano has two settings: one keeps the music short; whilst the other lets it play for longer (up to 15 minutes). Depending on your tolerance levels for baby muzak it’s up to you which one you switch to! The piano is also fully removable, so you can take it on the go with you…again depending on your sanity levels. But E loves the music so far, so I can see this coming out with us on a fair few trips.

Fisher-Price Kick 'n' Play Piano Gym

Overall the Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano is a great way to get your little ones engaged and stretching out. The hanging toys help with hand-eye coordination, whilst the piano rewards baby with funky music as he/she kicks on the keys. The fabric of the mat makes it easy to clean too!

The Fisher-Price Kick ‘n’ Play Piano Gym is available from Argos for £44.99 which I think is a really good price for a toy which will get lots of use.


From ages 0-18 months

Available in either Blue or Pink colour

Short or long-play music—up to 15 minutes

Soft, comfy mat

Power/volume control

Requires 3 AA batteries (included)

*For the purpose of conducting this review we were sent the Fisher-Price Kick ‘n’ Play Piano Gym free of charge although as ever, all opinions are our own*

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  1. This looks fab! We always just had ‘normal’ play mats/gyms but that piano looks awesome! x

  2. Rosie

    I think fisher price are great toy makers! We have the rainforest jumparoo and the rainforest baby gym. Also have two other wildly inferior baby gyms and a door bouncer, but the FP gear is the favorite by far!

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