Funky Giraffe Bibs Review

Time travelling back to the baby Squish days, there wasn’t a bandana bib in sight… well, either that or my unobservant gene was working at it’s best in 2009/2010 (probably the latter). Anyway, I don’t remember Squish being a particularly drooly baby but Eleanor, my oh my… she loves a good drool…. probably because she’s constantly biting on things… Sophie the giraffe, her hands, her toes(?) and most definitely her bibs.

Being massively indecisive and faced with choosing from the hundreds of different styles and designs on the Funky Giraffe bibs meant I spent hours oo-ing and arr-ing over each and every bib. There are so many – all of which are seriously cute! My only advice to ease the burden of choice would be to get all of your baby’s favourite outfits layed out on the bed and pick bibs to match them. Now, I’m the of person who likes to buy things in bulk and I love the fact that you save more money when you buy more bibs. For example, a bib that costs £4 individually would cost only £2 if you were to buy 10 – a whopping 50% saving. AND if you’re in the UK and spend over £7 (easily done) then you get free delivery.

Without further ado, here were our bib choices… I hope you’ll all agree that Eleanor looks super cute in her Funky Giraffe Bibs (my favourite is the middle one with the pink dinosaur – shocking!)…

Untitled design (14)

Being 100% cotton, the funky giraffe bibs are really fantastic quality – hard wearing and wash really well too. In terms of fit, there are different length popper settings so the width you require grows with your baby ensuring that they sit well under their chin to catch all the drooly-good-times. Underneath the beautiful designs there’s a layer of light breathable fleecy material which captures the wetness drawing it away from the chest/neck – and I can vouch for the fact that this really does work well. There have been a few times now where I’ve noticed the bib was sopping wet on the front but when I have removed the bib, Eleanor has still been bone dry so I’ve not had to change anything more than the bib *HIGH FIVE*

giraffe bibs close up

I would highly recommend Funky Giraffe bibs and you only have to look at their 5 star reviews on Feefo from thousands of other happy customers to know that they are well loved.

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  1. I love these bibs! I did have a few like this for my son, who was also a massive drooler, and they look cool when they have to wear them all the time! My baby girl isn’t a drooler at all, weird isn’t it! Fab bibs tho. Xx

  2. Angela Jackson

    I think the baby really liked the bibs. Cute designs by the way.

  3. You really can’t beat Funky Giraffe, we love ours! x

  4. we love our funky giraffe bibs and there such cool designs to choose from!

  5. Browsing your blog has finally sent me in the right direction for bandana bibs! All of the usual baby sites only seem to stock 1or 2 designs, usually in the same colours, blue or pink?!

    I’m off to buy some super funky dribble bibs!

  6. I’ve just discovered these bibs and they’re fab. Bandana bids weren’t around with my older children and these look so much better than the bibs I used to have. Great review!

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