Introducing cloth nappies

A while ago I announced that I’m a Baba+Boo ambassador and said I was going to start using cloth nappies with Eleanor but this transition has been a bit delayed for a couple of reasons. First of all Eleanor took so so long to gain a good amount of chunk on her legs to get going and then once she had, the school summer holidays began and we just got swept along with the busy lifestyle. To be quite honest I could have just bit the bullet and dived in then but I think a part of me was still feeling apprehensive and the school holidays made for a convenient excuse. Like most things, stepping into the fairly unknown is a bit daunting, especially when you know it’s going add a bit more onto your to do list. But, I’ve been cloth nappying for a month now so I thought I’d vlog about how we’ve been getting on…

disclaimer: please excuse all the ‘eeeeerms’ and lack of focus at the start….. mine is not a face for camera.

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  1. What a lovely vlog, so many things I agree with – especially the bit about them filling the pretty nappy being frustrating!! :D

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