Introducing the NEW Silver Cross Reflex…

This week Silver Cross unveiled a new stroller/travel system; the ‘Reflex’. I for one was very intrigued after reading the opening paragraph of their press release:

silver cross quote

With this stroller, I think Silver Cross really wanted to offer parents something that gives them the flexibility of travel systems but in a more lightweight and stroller-like design. I know there have been lots of different opinions surrounding the Reflex already but I personally think they’ve achieved what they set out to. Although it is slightly reminiscent of the new Babyzen Yoyo, the Reflex tips the scales for me with one major plus: it also offers the option of clipping on your car seat and this is a feature that I would often use so for me it won on that alone.

It has to be said, Silver Cross have really gone out and taken risks with this stroller by adding more modern features such at the 3-mode LED safety light. Some may feel that this feature is a bit of a gimmick but it makes sense if you think about it… and I’m all for anything that offer s additional safety. If I’m pushing my baby around on those darker nights, the stroller needs to be seen to be avoided… and if you’re still not sold on that, you can always pretend to be knight rider, I know my husband would love it!!

Silver Cross Reflex Chilli showing both pushchair and pram system

Suitable from birth, (and with the new born accessory pack) it converts into a pram-like state yet still closes fully in that position without having to remove anything which is just genius. This would definitely come in handy on my Friday big shop when trying to fit everything in the car as I wouldn’t usually choose to take anything that takes up too much room in the boot…. but this way, there’s more space for chocolate cake and such. Oooh, and this stroller also solves the problem of one of my pet peeves…. the summer umbrella. I don’t know about you but I’ve never had one that is sturdy enough to withstand the good old British winds and I’d be forever moving it about when I turned corners. The Reflex uses the hood as it’s umbrella and is therefore more sturdy, covers all angles of the sun and means you don’t have to carry an additional piece of paraphernalia around with you.

As always, Silver Cross have wowed us with their bold, bright colours… the only problem being; choosing between them all. My Wayfarer arrived last week so I can highly recommend the Raspberry colour… even my husband loves it but if pink really isn’t your thing then I’m sure one of the other 6 will meet your requirements.

The above are just some of the main features that stood out for me but I’d love to get my hands on one to put it through it’s paces and really get to grips with exactly how revolutionary this stroller/pushchair really is. If the quality and usability is anything close to my Wayfarer then I can’t see how it would disappoint.

 If you want to see the full press release you can find it over on the Silver Cross website.

The Reflex will be available from mid March from John Lewis and selected independent nursery stores.

The price will be £250 plus £75 for the newborn accessory pack which includes a second hood, jersey wind stopper apron, and a bamboo baby nest liner which creates a lie-flat bed unit.

Silver Cross Reflex spec

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  1. Im really liking this, i prefer pushchairs/prams for their features but strollers for their size, weight and ease of get on buses etc which living in London definitely a requirement, this seems to tick all the boxes really, only downside for me is the handles I do prefer a bar as easier to push I find.

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