Jake’s pirate ship (review)

As part of having the very important job of being a Toys R Us Toyologist, we are being sent (would you believe it) TOYS to put through their paces and this ere be our first. Jake’s pirate ship is the bell-ringing transport for our adventurous stars of Disney’s ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’ cartoon show.

Jake's Pirate Ship

Comes with everything seen above (except child)

Bucky comes with the star of the show, Jake, captain of the Neverland Pirates and his trusty lookout parrot, Skully. With the press of a button on the front of the ship (cleverly disguised as pirate bullion) Captain Hook’s greatest fear, the Tick tock croc, pops out of the side of Bucky from a hidden trap door.

The ship has 25 phrases and musical jingles available at the press of a button, these include “yo ho, let’s go!” and the theme to the hit Disney programme. When rolling Bucky across the floor it tilts from left to right, cleverly mimicking a rocking ship in the ocean. The one downside of this is when you’re trying to attached Jake or Scully to the ship, or “reload” the Tick tock croc into his trap door, the ship can fall over to the side.

Bucky front facing

One part of the ship that I really like is the slots at the front that can hold the “cannonballs”. We’re constantly losing little pieces of other toys, whether it’s bricks or missiles, so it’s really handy to have somewhere for them to fit when we’re not playing with the ship. Also, other similar toys that fire projectiles (catapults, disc launchers) usually shoot them out pretty hard, so much so that I’m occasionally worried leaving Squish alone with them. Jake’s ship Bucky gently fires them out, with enough force to cover a distance but not too much that they’d take an eye out!

But why let me ramble on about Bucky; let’s hear from the man himself…

As you can see, he has a little bit of trouble popping the Tick tock croc back in (as the boat wobbles) but aside from this he loves his new Priate ship, Bucky!

Extra details

For ages 3 years and up

No assembly required

Requires 3 AA batteries (included)

Measures 6’’W x 16.5’’H x 14.2’’D

Weighs 4 lbs

*Please note that this toy was sent to us free of charge for reviewing purposes however all views are our own*

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  1. Oh he loves that ship! I love pirate toys, can’t wait for T to be just a little bit bigger x

  2. We have Bucky! Ethan got him for his birthday last October and he gets played with every single day and bashed about and all sorts. It really is a toy in a million. All together now ‘And we aaaall loooove Bucky! He’s our best best frieeeend!’

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