#MumsKnowBest (sort of)

It was my mum’s birthday recently so when Littlewoods asked me to share one time when mum really did know best I simply couldn’t resist joining in. The problem is I was quite a rebellious and stubborn teen… in fact, I’m still pretty stubborn in my now 30s. I can think of lots of times where my mum was probably pulling her hair out with my antics. Smoking with my head out of my bedroom window and putting them out on the white wall (rookie mistake), getting hair dye all over her new bathroom towels, spending all my money (and the bank’s) on nights out, strolling in at the early hours, having the most horrific taste in unsavory boyfriends…. I could go on. Even sat there with a burning scalp, empty bank account and horrific hangover, crying over the musician boyfriend she’d warned me about…. yes, even then I’d never admit my mum knew best… because I’m bloody stubborn.

But wait for it mum, I’m saying it now – in black and white. YOU KNEW BEST (sort of). I should not have lived beyond my means, not ruined my hair (and your towels) with pure bleach, I should never have started smoking, I should have steered clear of the troubled musician. Although, I did have some amazing nights out so no regrets there I’m afraid.

mum knows best

Having said all that, if someone could guarantee my daughter will not be reliving any of the above then that would be massively appreciated *rocks in corner*

Seriously though, sorry for the sleepless nights I gave you… I remember seeing your blurry figure flicking the light on as I regularly tried to focus all my energies on finding that god damn keyhole whilst half cut. I guess opening the huge creaking cast iron front gates may have been the giveaway long before the fumbling key incidents (although I did eventually figure out I could slip through a gap in the bushes – or maybe I made the gap – errrrm, sorry).

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