Butlins for Christmas

I’ve not really shouted about this much on my blog yet but you may have noticed my shiny Butlins Ambassadors badge that I’m proudly displaying. As part of our new ambassadors role we will be going on 2 Butlins holidays at 2 different resorts, so we can rush back to tell you all about it – I

If this bed’s a rockin…

Feel free to come in, as it’s just Yawnofthedad and I failing miserably at getting into bed quietly. Yep, it’s another night of sneak in, successfully manage to make absolutely no noise so we don’t wake Bobs up, then crawl into bed…..”CRUNCH”, “CRUNCH”, “OTHER LOUD, SPRING-RELATED NOISES”. Yeah, the first 6 months did not go

Winter Ramblings

Well it’s now officially winter. When I say “officially”, I don’t mean because we’re now in mid-December, but more because of the easily audible screams of Yawnofthedad as I try to warm my feet on him in bed. Being residents of Manchester/Salford we tend not to get much of actually wintery weather. By that I

A review of The Mulberry Inn, Wales

Last weekend we were invited to experience what North East Wales had to offer during the festive season. I’ll be covering a couple of special events we attended in another post but first I’ll be writing about our accommodation – the Mulberry Inn. The Mulberry is a newly refurbished 4-Star luxury bed and breakfast accommodation ran by

DressingGate 2014

I’ll admit it, as a dad, going from having a boy to having a girl you build up a few preconceptions and dreads. One of which is clothes. Oh god, you think, it’s going to all be bloody cats and unicorns with bows in their hair. There won’t be any sight of a Batman or

The fastest kid in the North West

I often find it comforting when I take Squish to the park, because I see all the other kids there actually almost identically to him, albeit with much better balance than him anyway. Being the eldest of our two, he’s paving the way to new grounds in parenthood, so like I say, it’s good to

Little Tikes Activity Garden review

So it’s official -our Bobs is now a crawler, and not just a slow one, a ridiculously fast one (especially if there’s a banana at the other end of the room). And even “worse”, she’s now over the last few days, started to pull herself up onto things. Our little girl is growing up fast (she