Silver Cross Wayfarer – Review

Silver Cross is one of those brands that have such a fantastic history and have been around for so long that you just know you can trust the quality of their products. My mum, my mum’s mum and possibly even the generation before have used Silver Cross’s products so it’s only right I carry on this family tradition. I was very excited when Silver Cross sent me their Wayfarer travel system initially because of it’s outstanding reviews and beautiful structure. Once I had it assembled and worked out how it all went together I fell in love it even more. Have a look at the (very questionable) video I have put together and then I’ll talk you through the reasons why this is one of my favourites…

Cost: £495


Wayfarer Chassis
Wayfarer Carrycot
Wayfarer Seat Unit
Wayfarer Hood & Apron Set
Multi Position Cup Holder
Large Shopping Basket
Fitted Raincover
Simplicity Car Seat Adaptors

First impressions

One word, beautiful! I fell in love with the raspberry colour instantly but it didn’t end there. The style with high quality durable fabrics and chrome finishes screams style and quality. It’s not a huge looking pushchair but perfect for a little person like me and there’s various adjustments you can make if you’re on the taller side with the extending handle etc. I love the leather handle with the stylish chrome middle although… I can envisage me spending many a moment giving it a polish with my sleeve, not that I’d change it of course!

Wayfarer Chrome handle

The pram (although small) is really nicely cushioned  and it’s not much of a faff to zip down the cosy toes and gain access to baby if you need to do so quickly. I must add that a big plus with the pram is that it’s suitable for overnight sleeping which is great if you’re visiting relatives and don’t fancy cramming the travel cot into the car. The chair is great too although it looks a bit plain without the hood/apron attach in my opinion but again, I don’t have a baby to sit in there yet… I’m sure she will liven things up a bit! And then there’s the Simplicity car seat which does come separate but is well worth the £130 – it’s so cute and looks fantastic on the Wayfarer frame… you can also get the compatible Simplifix base for ease of getting it in and out of the car.

Silver Cross Wayfarer Pram Silver Cross Wayfarer seat


What can I say, it moves like an absolute dream! Obviously I still have to trial it with my little bundle stashed safely inside but having tested it around the decking, both my husband and I agree that its’ super light frame and slick wheel movements make it delightfully easy to push around. In fact, my 4 year old popped his mickey into the pram not long after assembly and managed to easily navigate it around the house.

Transitioning between pram/seat/car seat

Silver Cross Wayfarer Travel System

This is one of my favourite things about the Wayfarer. It’s so so easy to move between the different systems which I feel is credit to Silver Cross recognising the need to keep weight to a minimum. Even at 39 weeks pregnant I can easily pick each item up and am not having to hold them for very long as they’re so quick and easy to click into place. Where we live, there are a good set of steps leading up to our front door which I will be drudging up and down on school runs so having a light pushchair is quite important to us.

Hood and apron

One of the great features about the Wayfarer are the interchangeable hood and aprons, meaning you can easily alter the look of your pushchair if that’s your thing (which fits in well with me!!). I am very tempted to collect them all (don’t tell the husband!):

Wayfarer colours

I also love the fact that both the hood and apron will take you through from the pram to the seat and there’s none of this having separate covers for each.  It means you’re not bombarded with lots of extras and get good use out of what you pay for.

The frame

The Wayfarer’s frame is ridiculously light but feels really sturdy at the same time. It takes seconds to fold down and lock back up again and folds away quite flat so I don’t envisage any problems carrying it down the stairs or fitting it in the boot. The breaks are really easy to apply too and it has a nice big foot pedal – it’s just as easy to unlock too!

The basket

The basket is fairly difficult to get to when the pram fitting is on but considering all the other boxes the Wayfarer ticks, this can be forgiven. Other than that it’s a great size and really durable too… not like some of the fabric/netted ones I sometimes see that distort and detach easily from the frame.


That’s it for now but watch this space for an update once little lady arrives and I get to really put it through it’s paces. In the meantime, why not head over to Me, the Man & the Baby who’s recently blogged about Silver Cross’s Surf 2 which is not even out yet or find out more about their new innovative stroller The Reflex.

*Please note for the purpose of this review Silver Cross sent me the Wayfarer travel system free of charge*

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  1. You know, I wasn’t too sure after seeing the Wayfarer yesterday but now I’ve seen this I totally get it. The design is great, it’s clear that Silver Cross have thought about every aspect of it. I love that the hood and apron are used on both the carrycot and the stroller and the raincover is a nice design too. I’d have to have the Raspberry car seat though, the non-matching makes me itchy!

    • I would have definitely opted for the matching car seat but they don’t do it in the Raspberry unfortunately… just 4 colours. I don’t really mind too much though… the car seat looks great either way!

      I genuinely just love this pushchair.

    • Awww, thanks hun… still getting used to vlogging! I do love this pushchair though *swoon*

  2. Looove that colour! The carseat looks rather smart on it!

  3. Vicki Dillon

    Hi, Looking at buying the wayfarer and was wondering has your opinion changed on it since you have a put your little girl in it, is it still a good buy as I can see from some of your pictures on twitter you have the cosatto ooba. Thanks Vicki

    • Hi Vicki :)
      To be honest I have used the Ooba the most up until now because we have the isofix base for the car seat and it makes life so much easier. Howvever if I am going on the school run and don’t need the car I choose to take the Wayfarer as it is much lighter. I still LOVE the Wayfarer… my only gripe at the moment is lack of good suspension which means the ride is a bit rockier than I’d like. If this would bother you than my Emma from has been testing out the Silver Cross Surf 2 which she says she loves! They have larger back wheels and suspension although you pay slightly more for it. I thin it’s really pretty too. That’s not to say I still wouldn’t recommend the Wayfarer tho… it’s very nippy!

  4. Charlene

    How have you found this pram now yor baby here? I’m 27 weeks now think this is definitely the one I want…. Just waiting for the car seat offer to come on.

    Just wondered how you found it now babies here. I love silver cross and had the 3d travel system with him… He 4 now and prams have changed a lot lol

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