SpongeBob SquarePants Invisible Boat Race

If your kids are fans of Mega Bloks or Spongebob Squarepants (or better yet, BOTH) then look no further than the ‘Mega Bloks SpongeBob SquarePants Invisible Boat Race’ as an ideal present for Christmas.

I’ll start with the only bad point about this toy, the construction. We’ve got quite a few Lego toys around the house and with each one that came (big or small) the instructions have been really easy to follow. This is usually helped by breaking up the pieces into smaller bags that each build a part of the overall item. With the Mega Bloks Spongebob cars the pieces are randomly thrown into each bag with no real order, so you essentially have to open them all up and sift through to start building. That wouldn’t be too bad if one of the cars wasn’t made entirely out of see-through blocks!

Yawnofthedad’s brow became more and more furrowed as time went on, but eventually Spongebob’s invisible boat/car was built, much to Squish’s delight. Even I have to say, it looks brilliant once fully constructed and the Spongebob and Patrick figures (dressed as MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy!!) fit in perfectly. Once that was built, the second car, Plankton’s garbage truck, was built in a fraction of the time (what with it being made up of coloured, easy to see pieces!) There are also a couple of seaweed blocks to build to help set the underwater theme (or instantly get lost by your kids if they’re anything like Squish).

Squish and Spongebob Megabloks

Sometime later and one happy Squish!

I think if that’s where the Spongebob Megabloks fun ended, Squish would still be entertained playing with it all day. But there’s a game built into the two cars which has Plankton’s car flipping jellyfish into the air, with the invisible car’s net trying to catch them. I’ll put a disclaimer right here about this, it’s annoyingly addictive, frustrating, and you will find those jellyfish everywhere (they’re rubber, they’ll bounce under everything!)

With a bit of practice you can start being inventive and moving the cars further apart, or even holding the net to catch them yourself. Squish loved flipping the jellyfish into the air and eventually we mastered the knack of catching the little beggers (as you can see below)!


Mastering the art of jellyfish flipping…

The ‘Megabloks Spongebob Squarepants Invisible Boat Race’ is a great toy for builders and Spongebob fans alike. The blocks are really sturdy and the cars are pretty solid. They’ve been dropped by Squish numerous times already and have lived to tell the tale!

It retails for around £20.99 and is an ideal present for Christmas for kids aged 5 and over.

*Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review, we were sent this toy free of charge, however all words are our own*

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