#TeamHonk climbed Snowdon for Red Nose Day!

Apologies for not blogging about this sooner… but can I just say in the words of Annie, it was EPIC!

Not only did I fulfill a lifelong dream of mine and meet some amazing people, but we are also on the verge of having raised almost £6000 for Red Nose Day! I am so proud of everyone who took part and more importantly, those who sponsored us. I’d also like to thank Hi Tec for providing us with nice warm socks, ‘Who Made Your Pants‘  for the lovely (comfy) lacy knickers that we wore (they brought us so much attention on the way up), the YHA for filling our bellies with nice warm food before we headed out and finally Gower Cottage for their delicious chocolate brownies (how could we have got through without??).

Most of all, I want to thank everyone who sponsored us… I know it’s been a pain in the arse seeing our feeds filled with begs and pleads but we appreciate every penny and have been completely overwhelmed with the level of support from both friends, family and bloggers. If you’ve ever watched any Red Nose Day coverage on TV before, like me you probably find it really difficult to watch some of the videos in which they document where the money is needed. This year I will watch them and feel a little bit proud that I’ve done something that goes towards bettering these situations… and you should be proud too.


I know this is a bit of a cop out but there’s no point in me blogging about the journey up the mountain as some other bloggers have done  such a fantastic job of documenting it already. Have a read, you won’t be disappointed:













 Here’s some pictures I took on my way up! (Climbing and photo-taking is NOT for the weak-hearted):Red Nose Day Snowdon Climb

Finally, we are still after some last minute sponsors to help us reach that massive £6000 target! Beg, steal and borrow… we will be ever so thankful!


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    • belated reply *slaps hand* Was great to meet you… just wish you lived nearer!! :-( If you ever want a trip up north there’s always somewhere for you to stay though (in a non-creepy stalker way). xxx

  1. Mummyneversleeps

    You lot are a million different sorts of epic! WELL DONE! Am very proud of you all :D

    • Thanks @6b5ceea6eebdf2787f54cdaf5c22e478:disqus you are pretty awesomes yourself. Hopefully we can tempt you into joining us next year?? ;-)

  2. AlexanderResidence

    It was so fab to meet you Danielle and I am still smiling about the Everest joke :) You are so lovely and smiley and made the journey so much fun. I LOVE that image, you clever thing. xxx

    • Awwwww :-D (only just seen this). What a lovely comment. Really hope I get to see you again soon… was a pleasure to meet you too. xxx

  3. I am so late reading this but it was lovely to meet you and I had such a great time. I think this experience will stay with me forever. We did amazingly well didn’t we? And your image is fantastic – I can’t do stuff like that xxx

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