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As you may know, as part of being knighted as a ‘Cosatto Brand Buddy’ we were gifted with the very “difficult” task of reviewing their brand new pushchair, the Ooba Travel System. I did do a write-up on it’s main features prior to the arrival of little Eleanor (squeee) when I only had a Mickey Mouse soft toy to push around but we have now had a good month to really put it through it’s paces.

Obviously with Eleanor being so tiny (she really is a little dot) we haven’t been able to try out the seat but I will be doing a follow up in several months times to let you know how we get on.

My main concern with Ooba before I started using it was it’s size. It’s sturdy frame and large back wheels inevitable comes with a little more weight but to be honest it hasn’t bothered me in the slightest. The frame tends to stay in the car for the most part and Eleanor has been in the car seat 90% of the time so the only occasions where I have to lift it really is to get the frame out of boot (and it really isn’t as bulky as I had imagined)…. here it is in our very ‘compact’ Hyundai i20…

Cosatto Ooba in boot

One thing which is apparent with the Ooba pram is it’s size – it’s so darn spacious, matched with the height of the frame you really do feel it’s supremity! But I think because Eleanor is still so tiny (6lb 9) she prefers the snugness that the car seat offers at the moment, which is fine because I know I can still get plenty of use out of it once she has filled out a bit. But being completely honest, I think I would prefer it being slightly smaller as I am a tiny 5ft myself and do struggle carrying the pram section up and down the steps leading to my front door. At the moment though, we use the car a lot and it wouldn’t really fit on the back seats anyway.. especially if I have Squish with me too. That being said, it is very beautiful and Eleanor enjoys gazing up at the wondrously patterned interior nearly as much as I do. Pushing this pram around you won’t be short of people stopping to tell you that it’s beautiful too… it has caught many an eye and rightly so as it’s undeniably pretty.

Cosatto Ooba pram

Cosatto Ooba Eleanor

The Ooba steers like a dream – even when I’ve had to manoeuvre with one hand whilst out shopping… and the large back wheels make it easy to get up and down pavements. My only gripe with the frame is the break which I found to stick on occasion and I personally prefer to have good old foot pedal offering a reassuring click so I know it’s definitely been applied (that’s my years of experiencing public transport coming into play there!). The ride is relatively smooth compared to other pushchairs I have but I would have liked more suspension as I found going over the cobbled surfaces near to Squish’s school that I had to slow my pace so the ride was less bumpy for my tiny bundle. Here’s Squish testing out the manoeuvrability shortly before I had to chase him around the store… I can confidently say that he had absolutely no problem navigating the aisles of Sainsbury’s.

Squish Ooba

The Ooba can be folded up and down with ease… you just unlock and drop down the steering handle and pull the frame up using a handle located in the middle of the frame and it folds in on itself, and you can then carry away with that same handle – all  features very much appreciated when I also have a giddy 4 year old to contend with. There are lots of the standard features too like locking front wheels for rough terrain and the shopping basket at the bottom is very generous (comes in handy for piling in all the ‘stuff’ Squish tends to be sent home from school with). One excellent feature which certainly doesn’t come as standard with every travel system is the flipperty dipperty handle bar (not official title) … meaning you can simply unlock and flip over to change from forward to rear facing and vice versa…. it literally takes seconds. Granted, it’s not a feature I have used a lot yet but it’s something I would definitely use once E has hulked out enough to fit the seat unit. Talking about seat units… oooooobaaaaaaaa….. *strokes*…

Cosatto Ooba Review

The Ooba really is shown at it’s best with the seat unit attached. The beautiful prints are inescapable and the cosy toes offers soft fleesy comfort on the inside and oozes luxury with it’s eye-catching leatherette exterior.  As with the car seat, everything is nice and padded and the straps are easily adjusted. Furthermore, the height of the Ooba means baby is nice and close to you and if you don’t believe me, you can go and read the lovely Amy Antoinette’s Ooba review!

The car seat has been used within an inch of it’s life already and although we had some tears when we first popped her in, now it’s basically one of our go-to places to send her when she really won’t settle … and that’s before we’ve even reached the car! She loves it… and so do we! It has a lovely fleeced head support and padded straps so it’s nice and comfy and as always with Cosatto, it’s full of colour and looks fantastic being pushed about. The only minor negative I could find was that the hood sometimes flips back on one side – but this isn’t a game changer. When we had Squish, we didn’t have an Isofix base for the car but this time we got to try one out and I would urge anyone (particularly if you have more than one monkey) to purchase one. It basically means you don’t have to faff around with strapping the car seat in every time you go out… you simply drop (well, not drop… maybe ‘lower’) the car seat onto the base unit (which stays secured in the car) until you hear a big ‘clunk’ – DONE. I can’t tell you what a godsend this has been and it’s one of the main reasons that I use the Ooba the most… I tend to keep the frame in the boot and transport Eleanor to and from the house in the car seat… and I will most probably do until she is big enough for the seat unit which I cannot wait to use. We have sooooooooooo many pictures of Eleanor in this car seat now I am running out of memory on my phone.

Cosatto Ooba Isofix Car seat

Cosatto Ooba Car seat

When I got sent the Ooba, the lovely PR lady at Cosatto told me to get those white wheels dirty. Never one to turn down a challenge, I have done just that. We recently took a trip to Go Ape so I took the Ooba along with me to see how it handles the forest – oh yes! We chose a really rainy day (as per) and I’m happy to say it did really well considering how difficult the conditions were. Oh, and talking about rain, the Ooba comes with TWO rain coats – plus another one if you get the car seat… probably slightly excessive but it means they fit perfectly at each stage.

The ride for Eleanor was naturally bumpy due to the conditions but at no point did the wheels get stuck and she stayed fast asleep regardless. And if you’re one of those people who are terrified of getting anything white dirty, fear not as those white wheels clean really easily and the surface is ooba smooth so the dirt just slides off (I’m having a Barry Scott moment here).

cosatto ooba forrest

cosatto ooba forrest 2

Please note: changing bag pictured does not come with the Ooba (or the baby! ;-)

The verdict?

Although apprehensive when the Ooba initially arrived due to it’s size, it has completely won me over. The few niggles I had were easily forgiven because it ticks so many other boxes –  it has genuinely been a joy to review. I feel proud pushing it around and the quality of it reassures me that it will last Eleanor until she grows out of it and beyond! *ahem… baby number 3??? …. yeah right!* And don’t forget – Cosatto products come with a 4 year Guarantee so if anything were to break you have that to fall back on.

The Ooba pushchair retails at £800 and car seat £135 which does seem a bit hefty but I think it’s justified with all the extras they throw in (including matching changing bag) which is more than most pushchairs come with. And for that price you do get a really high quality pushchair with the added creative edge that is somewhat lacking when it comes other pushchair brands going above this price bracket. If you’re still unsure, Cosatto will be heading to The Baby Show in Birmingham on the 16th-18th May and I know they would love to let you have a little play around with one (they’re a nice bunch… although I do tend to be won over very easily by cake).

If you are looking to purchase an Ooba then there’s full list of stockists available over on the Cosatto website.

If I’ve missed anything or you have any niggling questions, you can always tweet me on @SquishBlog… I don’t bite, unless Eleanor has kept me up all night!

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*Please note, in order to conduct this review I have been sent the Ooba Travel System free of charge. However, all of the above are my honest opinion*

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  1. chantelle hazelden (mamamummymum)

    I do prefer this colourway, looks like a fab pushchair, I’ve yet to own a cosatto, surprising considering my pushchair addiction lol x

  2. What a great review Danni! I love the colour of it!
    (That’s as much pram enthusiasm I can muster lol) x

  3. What a fab review missus! I had the honour of pre-viewing the Ooba at the new launch last year and it was amazing then, so its fab to see it in use now. I love the fact your review is honest too as I am starting to see that there is no such thing as the perfect prams- just some that come close :)
    x x

  4. Great review. I love the look of the Ooba, it looks like such a luxury travel system and the colour options are so beautifully retro. I think I’d end up just sitting and stroking it! x

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