The many photos you take of your children


I’m constantly taking pictures of my little angels – granted about 90% of them are outtakes. There are many standard shots that parents take of their children, so I’ve taken it upon myself to list my favourites…

The ‘look what my child has gone and done now’ snap

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These are frequent in my house. If Eleanor isn’t smearing toothpaste on the walls, she’s drawing on them or painting my TV with mascara. True story!

The imperfect selfie snap


Have you ever tried taking a selfie with more than one child? It’s verging on impossible. You can guarantee that on the ones where you’re children aren’t moving or blinking, you’ve got a double chin. My advice is, embrace the blur, snap when you’re not supposed to. The result?:

The ‘my kid is running away from me at the park’ snap


I think every parent has done this at some point. “Oh look,my son/daughter it’s totally trying to make a break for it. Just before I have to go and rugby tackle them down, I’ll take this opportunity to take an artistic action shot”

The ‘my kid’s on a swing’ snap


Another park classic. It’s all about timing! The last thing you want it a

The sleepy baby snap

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Snapping a sleeping child is a parental reflex, particularly if they fall asleep unannounced.

The bath snap



The rare moment my children get along snap

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Oh just look at them. Within about 5 minutes of taking this one, they were back to teasing one another and stealing toys.

The we’re out of the house snap

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Some days (most days), simply getting out the house is an achievement, so of course, when I do (against all odds and failed plate spinning) achieve the impossible, I will document this.

The ‘where the hell did my child get all their energy, save me’ snap

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Or as I call it ‘the blur’. There is little more harrowing than a child full of beans bounding towards a camera, particularly if you have a fancy Lumix Bridge Camera (I don’t, for this reason)

The car selfie

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Similar to the ‘we’re out of the house’ snap. This one celebrates the achievement of simply getting into the car. Usually followed by several more trips back in the house to pick up things you’ve forgotten somewhere in-between “GET YOUR SHOES ON” and “WHERE’S YOUR COAT GONE NOW”.

The my child is crying snap


The my child is lying on the floor snap

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The ‘my child is wearing a fake moustache snap

Processed with VSCO

Just me? To be honest, I just wanted to include this for my own amusement!

…and having compiled this post, I’m now off to Amazon to purchase this book (it’s not even an affiliate link).

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