Winter Ramblings

Well it’s now officially winter. When I say “officially”, I don’t mean because we’re now in mid-December, but more because of the easily audible screams of Yawnofthedad as I try to warm my feet on him in bed.

Being residents of Manchester/Salford we tend not to get much of actually wintery weather. By that I mean, yes it gets cold (“ruddy freezing” one might say), but we hardly ever get anything apart from rain. It’s only when we get out of the city and into less built-up areas where we can really see what a true winter is about. And that’s what I’m planning this winter for Squish, being able to get out there and do some proper wintery activities like sledging, snowman building, and going on snowy walks. Because we’ve not got a garden (well we have some super slippery decking), there’s not much of an opportunity for him to really get out and explore nature. Hell, even if we had a garden we could do some bird spotting or hedgehog trapping (edit – we wouldn’t actually trap hedgehogs).

Well this year that all changes. No, unfortunately we’re not yet moving, but instead it’s my mission to get outdoors more often with the little guy. Being a few days away from the big 5, he’s more than ready for a few walks here and there. And who knows, it might actually burn away some of the energy he has in abundance!

Squish is already fully kitted out with his wellybobs and Frugi rainproof coat, but me? Not so much. The last time I went for a proper wintery walk was back when we did the #teamHonk Snowdon challenge, and the only reason I didn’t freeze my buns off then was because I pulled in every favour and borrowed all the warm clothing I could get my hands on!

gonna need a bigger coat

So this time I’ve had a look around at some proper winter and waterproof gear and taken my father-in-law’s advice to go for some The North Face outdoor clothing. Being finally prepared, clothing-wise anyhow, here’s a list of some of the wintery goodtimes we’re planning during the festive period:

  • Treasure hunts in the snow, using spare Christmas ornaments/baubles (gloves recommended!)
  • Home-made Winter Olympics, with snowball archery and sledging
  • Homemade bird feeders, using pine cones (especially good as Squish is obsessed with birds!)
  • Snow sculptures (snowmen, igloos, using nothing but buckets and a bit of enthusiasm!)

Of course all of these have to end, with a run into the warmth with big mugs of hot chocolate, huddled around the fire….well, we don’t actually have a fire, so the radiator will have to do!

Heaters gonnna heat

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